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What You Need to Know About Inverter Boards for LG TVs

Some people choose to replace an inverter board rather than replace their entire TV. You can find the part number of your LG TV's inverter board by taking out the inverter and looking for the part number label on the board. It's important that you only use that specific type of inverter for your LG TV.

What is an inverter board?

The inverter board in your TV is a key component of an LCD television that transfers current from the body to the screen. It transforms a direct current into an alternating current. The alternating current prompts the LED backlight, which, in turn, helps the images display on the screen. Possible ways that inverter boards vary are number of CCFL lamps, input voltage, packaging type, and dimming. But all you need to do when looking for the right is inverter is make sure it is compatible with your LG model.

Do you need to unplug the TV to check these?

You need to unplug the LG television and wear an anti-static wristband before checking or replacing the inverter to prevent shock. An anti-static wristband helps protect you and the TV components from static electricity. You also need to wait for the TV to cool down completely for safe handling.

How do you check the inverter board in your TV?

To check the inverter on your LG television, follow these steps:

  • Make sure your LG television is turned off and unplug the power supply from the wall.
  • If the TV was on, wait for it to cool down.
  • Put an anti-static wristband on and remove the back panel. Some TV models have the panel on the front.
  • Locate the rectangular metal casing. An LCD TV will have an inverter board on either side of this casing. One is called the slave, and the other is called the master. Some LG models have the inverter located on the left side or hidden under a plastic or metal cover that you'll need to remove to access the inverter.
  • Set a multimeter to DC mode and find a pin on the inverter. Attach the red probe to pin 1 and the black probe on a metal screw in the casing.
  • Turn on the TV and read the multimeter. You may have to ask someone to turn it on for you while you're holding the multimeter.
  • Turn off the TV and repeat the process for checking the other inverter. If the readings are significantly different, you should replace the inverter with the lower value. If you get no readings, both inverters in your LG TV should be replaced.
How do you insert the inverter into the LG television?

Follow the previous steps on how to safely remove the back panel and access the inverter. Unplug all of the wires on the inverter. Some models of LG televisions have tabs that you need to squeeze to pull out the wires. Then, unscrew the inverter board from the chassis. You can take pictures throughout the process to remember where each part goes for more confidence when you put everything back together. Put the replacement inverter in the empty slot in the same way the previous one was positioned. Screw it back into the chassis. Correctly reconnect the ribbons and cables. Then, screw on the back cover.

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