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Leica Winder and Drive Products for Your Photography Needs

Leica winder and drive accessories are available in traditional color schemes to match the housing on various series cameras. Many winders can be used during fast shooting situations because they're built with rapid winding hardware. You'll find many motorize 35mm camera winders for traditional photography sessions and dozens of drive accessories that are built with a convenient hand grip.

What is a motor drive?

A housing drive is a component that powers hardware for the film transport. Cameras that were developed for photographers before the 1990s lacked this component as all rewinding and advancing procedures were done manually. Throughout the 1990s, many brands redesigned their 35mm cameras with a motor drive. In time, many medium format cameras are upgraded with motor drives as well.

Photography drive units for cameras have motorized hardware, which is why a battery is needed to power the mechanisms. An entire motor drive piece generates power after it's attached along the bottom on a camera housing. When a motor drive operates, it produces a pitch sound that's very loud as the drive mechanisms generate torque in order to advance a roll of film. Most drives spin a film roll by pulling power from rechargeable batteries or AA batteries.

What is a winding product?

Power winder products are accessories that mount on a camera frame. These pieces operate after a shutter button is pressed. The mechanisms that are included underneath a power winder housing strategically spins a roll of film immediately after a photographer uses the shutter button on a manual focus camera so that the next shot can be taken without delay.

What are the specs for Leica drives and winding accessories?

Photography motor drives and winding accessories are manufactured with various features. The most common features include:

  • Manual film advance hardware: Winding products with manual advance mechanisms give photographers opportunities to roll manually following various shots. Many manual winder pieces spin film less than a minute, and the rapid motion hardware is compatible with a variety of 35mm cameras.
  • Hand grip: Motor drives that are designed with convenient hand pieces typically have triggers. By using these buttons, you can shoot landscape or portrait shots. Hand pieces reduce focusing problems by enhancing stability throughout shooting routines.
  • Leather housing: The leather housing on a motor drive reduces slip that can impact stability and focus. Most leather designs have multiple grooves and etching that provide a firm grip when the housing is covered with light dust and dirt.