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Finding the Right Windows 8 Laptop or Netbook

For many, the advantage of a PC is the power it can offer, while the advantage of a laptop is the convenience and portability it affords. This line blurs more as time goes on, and there are now many laptops on the market that can go toe to toe with PCs. Lenovo is one such company that strives to offer high-performance notebooks, and buyers can find these and many other notebooks, netbooks, and tablets available.

Which Category of Laptop Meets My Needs?

With so many options available, users should first decide which type of notebook they need before thinking about the specifics of each model.

  • For users who want the most power under the hood, a Windows option described as a gaming laptop or a high-performance laptop is optimal. These devices typically have the largest amounts of RAM, fast multi-core CPUs, and non-integrated video cards.
  • Other users care much more about getting an all-around useful Windows laptop, one that can easily perform all of the necessary tasks of their day to day lives. For these people, many mid-range laptops suffice as they all can handle everyday tasks.
  • For those who value portability and convenience, a netbook may be the most optimal choice as they are almost always the most compact option available.

What Should Be Under the Hood?

Once a buyer selects the range of devices he or she requires, the next thing is to look at the specifications of various Windows notebooks in order to find the specific model to suit his or her needs.

  • One important specification is the screen size. Many people purchase a tablet, netbook, or notebook to view multimedia on, like videos and photos. For these people, a 9-inch tablet is likely preferable to an 8-inch tablet or a 6-inch tablet, and a 15.6-inch notebook is preferable to an 11-inch netbook.
  • Another important factor is the amount of RAM the Windows device contains. RAM in modern laptops is measured in GB and determines how fast the computer runs.
  • Still another important specification is the hard drive size. Windows 8 notebooks can come in a variety of hard drive sizes, with some having storage measured in GB and others having storage measured in the much larger TB.

Which Features Were Introduced With Windows 8?

Although Windows 8 is not the most recent operating system, buyers can still find many Lenovo devices running it.

  • One of the biggest changes from Windows 7 to 8 was the addition of the Start screen, which replaced the Start menu. This menu was more similar to what users would find on a mobile device.
  • This version of Windows also saw a speed boost over Windows 7, which was a much anticipated advantage.
  • Windows 8 also makes it easy for users to sync all of their data directly to the cloud for convenience and as a backup.