Logitech Computer webcams


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Logitech Webcams

Logitech webcams are designed to offer full-motion video conferencing on a desktop, laptop, or notebook computer even if it doesn't have a built-in camera. Logitech designs their cameras with features like zoom lenses and tripod-ready fold-and-go mounts. They are designed to be suitable for business uses, as well as for gamers and online enthusiasts.

Which Logitech webcams offer genuine-HD video?

Logitech markets a number of genuine-HD video imaging devices. The following are all compatible with HD webcam image quality standards:

  • C615 HD Webcam
  • C525 Portable
  • C930e Professional
  • C920 Pro Edition
  • BCC950 ConferenceCam
Are Logitech cameras compatible with Skype computer software?

Logitech camera devices support Skype on Windows, macOS, and Linux. Windows 7 and Windows 8 users should have their camera detected as soon as they connect the USB jack. UVC video drivers support Logitech devices on OS X and Linux machines using Web Skype, as well as the traditional package. Linux users who opt for custom open-source packages can still work with their webcam through standard USB drivers.

Do sound cards need to be wired to the camera?

Logitech cameras that have a microphone installed inside of them usually work with the USB interface, which means you won't have to wire it directly to your sound card. Any Logitech dongle that features a 3.5 millimeter phone connector can interface directly with the sound card after the plug is inserted into the appropriate computer interface. Windows treats this as an analog sound input, so no configuration is necessary.

Is Logitech RightLight technology compatible with Windows?

Any webcam that comes with RightLight software should work with any Microsoft operating system. You'll be able to white balance your camera automatically on any machine that can show the OSD webcam view on its display screen.

Does the zoom function distort the video?

Focusing on an object in the OSD view and then zooming in on it with your webcam shouldn't influence the video to any significant degree. You should be able to get sharp movies and images to transmit over the internet without any noticeable distortion.

Can you record streams from webcams to a file?

While many users only send streams from their webcam to a communications program, there are options for recording a stream to a file. If you'd like to capture family moments on your PC, then you can set your webcam to record right to a local file system. Storage units formatted with the FAT32 file system can hold single files up to 4,096 megabytes each. If you hook your webcam to an NTFS or HFS+ drive, then you can record even longer movies.