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Maclaren Strollers

Maclaren provides parents and children with stylish, lightweight strollers. These strollers never compromise on quality, and each Maclaren stroller is designed to meet the highest safety standards. These strollers are offered in a variety of styles and sizes, ensuring that all parents can find a style that suits their baby or child.

What are some of Maclarens stroller styles?

Maclaren offers many stroller options for people on the go, including:

  • Volo: This lightweight, full-size stroller is built to move. Its simple to maneuver, and it can be folded and carried without any hassle.
  • Globetrotter: This stroller is designed for parents looking for a combination of comfort and practicality. Its one of the lightest options available, but the reclining seat is perfect for a child at rest.
  • Triumph: This sporty stroller is great for long-distance trips, as its equipped with padded seats and leg cushions.
  • Quest: This full-featured option has a reclining seat, a newborn baby safety system, and everything needed to ensure that newborns are comfortable.
  • Techno: Maclarens Techno line provides smooth rides and total protection for infants and toddlers.
What features do Maclaren strollers have?

Each Maclaren stroller comes with distinct features. They include:

  • Newborn baby safety system: This system transforms fully reclined seats into lie-flat cocoons ideal for a newborn baby.
  • Expandable hood: These lightweight strollers come with expandable hoods, which are waterproof and offer UV protection for your child.
  • Storage pockets: Large pockets provide additional storage space.
  • Viewing windows: Strollers that have extra large hoods are often equipped with viewing windows so that drivers can see their kids at all times.
  • One-handed adjustment: Users can recline the buggy with one hand.
  • Ergonomic grips: When steering strollers with precious cargo in tow, a good grip is essential. Maclaren strollers often have two-position extendable handles, which give users extra reach.
  • Harness: To ensure maximum protection, many Maclaren umbrella strollers are equipped with a five-point harnesses, which is mounted on sturdy aluminum frames.
  • Leg rests: To ensure comfort on long walks, these lightweight strollers come with extendable leg rests that support childrens feet.
  • All-wheel suspension: Steering a stroller should be simple. To make sure each ride is smooth, Maclaren equips their strollers with shock-absorbing, all-wheel suspension.
  • Machine-washable: Maclaren ensures that their strollers are easy to clean by making the seats removable and machine-washable.
What size children are Maclaren products designed for?

Most of Maclarens products can accommodate a range of kids, from a newborn baby to a child of up to 55 pounds.

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