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Mamiya Camera Lenses

Factors to Consider When Choosing Mamiya Medium-Format Camera Lenses

Whether you are walking around your neighborhood or traveling to the mountains, there are numerous types of lenses that you can pair with a medium-format camera, whether the camera is a digital or film camera. These lenses are outfitted with a maximum aperture range that extends from f-2 to f-8. They can also be used with a wide range of different brands of cameras that include Zeiss, Pentax, and Hasselblad.

What are the different types of lenses available to select?

You have several options for Mamiya medium-format camera lenses:

  • Fisheye: These wide-angle lenses can capture images with a field of view that extends as high as 180 degrees. They produce a distorted effect that occurs on the edges of the pictures you capture to create a panoramic image.
  • Macro: These lenses are meant to capture close-up photos of small subjects that make the subject appear to be larger than life. True macro lenses come with 1:1 magnification.
  • Wide angle: These lenses are able to take photos at a wide angle that can capture more of a scene. They are usually outfitted with shorter focal lengths.
  • Telephoto: These lenses come with long focal lengths, which helps to produce an image that is magnified and has a narrower field of view.
  • Zoom: These lenses come with a large variety of focal lengths that you can switch between such as 18-300mm.
What are the different focus types available with these lenses?

The focus types for these Mamiya medium-format camera lenses include:

  • Auto: This is a type of focus system that is designed to assist you in focusing the lens by automatically taking care of this setting before you snap a picture. This system uses a motor in combination with the camera sensor to focus on an object in the frame and magnify it as much as possible.
  • Manual: This is a type of focus system that requires you to change the focus of the lenses you are using by hand, which can typically be done with a thin ring that can be found at the base or toward the middle of whichever lens you are using at the time. The focus amounts on these rings can be altered in small increments.
  • Auto/Manual: Certain cameras and lenses are able to accommodate both automatic and manual focus systems, allowing you to switch between the two in any situation. The switch can typically be found toward the middle of the lens.
What does the focal length of a lens mean?

The focal length of medium-format lenses refers to the total length of the lens on your camera to the camera sensor. This length is measured in millimeters and can determine how much you can zoom in on an object in the distance. Shorter focal lengths provide images that have a wide angle and capture more of a scene. Long focal lengths make for an image that is magnified and comes with a narrow field of view. The focal length amounts available with these lenses range from 19mm to 500mm.

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