Marine Audio Packages

Install the Sound System You Want Quickly and Easily with a Marine Stereo Package

No one wants to be that person, the one who invites their friends out on their boat for a fun day on the water only to realize after launching that the sound system is not up to par. You may own a fantastic boat, but often, the default sound system that comes with the boat is substandard. If you need to upgrade with a marine stereo package that delivers the sound you want, eBay has you covered.

Why get a marine sound system?

A marine environment is a hostile environment for your sound system. The water spray can damage your equipment, and the additional moisture in the air can be harmful as well. Salt water can be even more problematic because the salt is somewhat corrosive. Therefore, its critical to get audio components designed specifically to withstand this consistent barrage of harsh elements. Some common marine safety specifications to look for when choosing a marine stereo package are:

  • Water-resistant: Water-resistant components can withstand water splashes and light rain but are not meant to handle submersion. The levels of resistance vary by model.
  • Waterproof: Marine audio parts designated waterproof can be submerged at levels and durations set by the manufacturer.
  • UV-resistant: The design of UV-resistant components is such that it can resist damage from the sun.
  • Anti-corrosion: Marine components with this rating can withstand damage from rust and salt corrosion.
What comes with a marine stereo package?

A marine stereo package possesses all the main components you need to install a marine audio system. Typical parts included in a marine stereo package are:

  • Speakers: As the speakers may be in the line of fire when it comes to water spray, they should contain plastic cones and rubber surrounds and corrosion-resistant hardware.
  • Receivers: Marine receivers should have a water-resistant faceplate and a coated circuit board.
  • Subwoofers: Your subwoofers should have plastic cones and rubber surrounds. Depending on your boats configuration, you can use free-air or enclosed subwoofers.
  • Amplifiers: Marine amplifiers should have coated circuit boards and plated, non-corrosive connections.
  • Speaker wire and cables: The wire and cables should be marine-rated.
  • Satellite radio: Having a satellite radio is excellent for safety reasons while out on the water because the reception can extend up to 200 miles offshore.
What are the benefits of getting a marine stereo package?

Purchasing a bundled package of marine audio components is an excellent way to get the quality parts you want in one convenient source at an affordable price. Additional items available on eBay can be added later if needed. Be sure to include amplifiers with sufficient channels if you might upgrade later.