Everything You Need to Know Before Selecting Marine Speakers

Whether you are relaxing with friends on a day out at sea or planning a fishing expedition, you will probably want to listen to your favorite tunes. To hear some songs or listen to an audiobook, you need to find the right marine speakers. On eBay, there are a plethora of marine speakers available so that you can select the perfect one for your boating needs.

How do marine speakers work?

Most boats come with a receiver, also referred to as a radio. The radio receives sound and transmits it to the speakers. Companies designed marine speakers specifically for use on boats and other water vehicles. While on the water, you are bound to hear the noises of powerful waves crashing now and then. This type of speaker amplifies sounds so that you can listen to your favorite songs despite the other outside noises. It allows you to hear audio clearly while outdoors.

What is the difference between marine speakers and car speakers?

Purchasing car speakers to use on a boat can result in poor performance, as they are not suited for use with a boat's receiver. Here are a few differences between marine speakers and car speakers:

  • Marine speakers are designed for boat usage, so they are made with marine grade material.
  • Speakers for boats are waterproof to protect against rain and seawater, whereas car speakers are more likely to erode within a short amount of time, as they are not waterproof.
  • Car speakers are made with the dimensions of a car in mind so that sound travels well in an enclosed space.
  • Speakers for boats are designed for open spaces so that sound travels upward and isn't muffled by the motor or waves.
  • Car speakers and speakers for boats do not mount the same way, so you could experience difficulty trying to set one up in the wrong vehicle.
Can you connect a marine speaker to any marine receiver?

Yes, you can connect a marine speaker to any marine receiver as long as it has compatible outlets. You can mix and match marine audio equipment so that you can find a sound that is optimal for you. You might even wind up having multiple types of equipment such as a speaker, amplifier, and receiver so that you can create a sound that is ideal for you. When setting up a marine speaker, keep in mind that each model of speakers may have a slightly different procedure, so refer to the manufacturer's instructions.