Your Marine Stereo Buying Guide

Those who like to listen to their favorite music while out on the water can purchase a marine stereo that works in tandem with their boat_x001A_s setup. There are many different marine radios available that can suit a variety of budgets and boats. On eBay, you can find a variety of affordable marine radios that will help you find the right marine radio for you.

How is a marine stereo different from a regular stereo?

Given that a marine stereo may be operated in a much harsher environment than would a regular stereo, it follows that a stereo for a boat must be much more durable than a regular stereo. At a minimum, these stereos must be water resistant and be able to stand up to the elements that would be found on the water. Sun and saltwater can be brutal on electronics and these stereos must be able to resist those threats.

What are some audio specifications that users should consider?
  • Speakers: Speakers that are made of plastic and rubber stand up the best to the corrosion caused by saltwater. In addition, speakers should be high-power because there is a lot of noise with which the sound has to compete.
  • Satellite radio: Your boat may not always be operating close to the shoreline. As such, your radio may not always get reception where your boat goes and satellite radio is important to be able to listen to the radio wherever you are.
  • Speaker wire: Not every type of wiring will be suitable for your boat. It is important to have speaker wire that is specially designed for marine environments.
What are some types of marine stereos that are available?
  • Pyle Bluetooth marine stereo: This is a budget-friendly option that allows users to stream music from their mobile devices through Bluetooth. This can allow for multiple users as long as they can connect to the audio system via Bluetooth.
  • Kenwood InDash marine boat stereo: This marine stereo features EQ technology, which preserves the sound and protects it from the interferences that may come from the noise of the engine and the water.
  • Premium waterproof marine stereo: This unit supports large flash drive and is compatible with many different types of media. This stereo can work in your car as well.
  • Jensen MS2ARTL: This marine stereo can be controlled directly from your smartphone since there is no traditional remote control included with the product. The stereo features 160 watts of peak power. This marine stereo is available for purchase on eBay in a variety of conditions.