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How to Pick Meindl Boots for Men

For men who love outdoor adventure, Meindl makes durable boots. These German-made boots are rugged enough to handle the roughest of terrain yet comfortable enough to wear for daily walking.

What is the Memory Foam System used in Meindl boots?

The Memory Foam System (MFS) is a technique for creating boot uppers that conform to the shape of your foot. The system was developed specifically to make padding from a combination of foam types. When the heat from your body warms up the foam, it changes the shape of the shoe to match the contour of your foot. The result is a pair of boots that conforms to the shape of the foot.

What kind of footbed does Meindl put in their boots?

Footbeds are made of natural cork that provides plenty of cushion and moisture control. Meindl uses MFS Vakuum technology to ensure that their walking and hunting boots offer added comfort. With Gore-Tex lining in each shoe, there are no seams to irritate your heels. The lining stretches as your foot moves, and the rounded shape of the shoe gives your toes additional room. Some boots from Meindl come with an extra-wide toe to help with rolling action.

How is the breathability of Meindl boots?

Meindl's Air Revolution design works to keep the circulation going inside your walking boots. The removable insoles are called "air-active" because they help your feet breathe. If you combine this design with a tongue made of mesh and perforated sponge-type fabric, you will increase the breathability significantly. With Air Revolution technology, your feet should stay extra dry and warm for an extended period of time. Debris stays out of the boots as well as rain, snow, and mud.

Do all Meindl men's boots have brown leather uppers?

You can get boots for hunting in a variety of materials and colors. Meindl hiking and hunting boots are produced in colors like black, gray, tan, brown, taupe, and navy. Some boots are trimmed in neutral shades and accented with orange or red. Upper materials occasionally have a waxed or oiled appearance and include mesh in combination with the following materials:

  • Leather
  • Suede
  • Nubuck
  • Synthetics

What types of soles are available through Meindl?

Since Meindl serves men who love hiking, mountain climbing, hill walking, and hunting, the company uses various kinds of soles. With a Vibram rubber grip sole, you should be able to handle a variety of terrains. A light grip sole with an EVA shock absorber is good for hiking and mountain climbing. For hunting boots, you can use a Meindl multigrip sole. Examples of more sole types by Meindl are as follows:

  • Meindl Multigriff by Vibram
  • Meindl Contagrip
  • Meindl Comfort Hiker
  • Meindl Magic Light Trail
  • Meindl Multigrip 3 Alpin Light

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