Men's Leather Hats

Mens Leather Hats

Hats are undeniably very classy and are a stylish addition to any man’s wardrobe. This is why you have to make a good choice when buying a hat for yourself. There are many things to consider when shopping for leather hats.

What are the different types of hats?
  • Fedora - This is commonly known as the "classic man’s" hat. It has a flexible brim that gives it versatility. This leather hat often comes in a black color.
  • Trilby - This leather hat has a brim that is snapped downwards at the front and upwards at the back. The brim is much smaller than that of the fedora leather hat. The trilby hat dates back to the 20th century.
  • Homburg - The homburg leather hat is designed with a formal business look. It has a creased crown and a stiff brim.
  • Porkpie - This leather hat is good for tall men since it has a flattened top with no crease at the center. It has a small brim which is turned up around the edge.
  • Bowler - This leather hat has a stiff-and-round dome crown. It also has a short brim and curled-up sides. These hats are always black.
  • Western hats - These are high-crowned and have wide brims. They are also identified by the pinched top. The hats are less formal and are commonly referred to as "cowboy" hats’.
  • Leather caps - These have a small brim at the front. The cap works well for sports. It also helps to shield you from the scorching sun.
What grades of leather are used to make hats?

Here are the four grades of leather used to make hats:

  • Full-grain - This is a high grade of leather. It is highly durabile, strong, and breathable. Rather than wearing out, full-grain leather forms a patina over time.
  • Top-grain - It is thin and well protected against staining.
  • Corrected-grain/genuine - It is made from the material that remains after full-grain and top-grain grades are excluded.
  • Bonded - It is mixed with latex or polyurethane and is made to resemble the higher qualities of leather.
How should you pick a hat for your face shape?

When buying a hat, it is important to pick a good size and shape for you. These tips will help you easily choose a product based on the form of your face:

  • Diamond-shaped face - If you have wide cheekbones and an angular face, you should get a hat with a wide brim and a pinched top
  • Oblong face - This shape is characterized by a round chin. Men with oblong faces should wear hats with a flared brim like fedoras. Hats with narrow and flat brims should be avoided.
  • Round face - The angular hat suits people with long and wide faces
  • Square faces - People with square faces have high jawlines with full cheekbones. They also have broad foreheads. If you fall into this category, you should wear floppy caps.