Men's Newsboy/Cabbie Hats

Throughout the years, the newsboy style of men's hats continues to be popular. Whether wool, cotton, or tweed, designers have put their own twists on the classic newsboy hat but also offer the traditional plaid and herringbone designs. Featuring a low-profile brim and available in single-color and plaid varieties, the newsboy style is a classic hat that spans generations.

What are newsboy caps and flat caps?

These two caps have very similar styles. Both are low-profile rounded hats, fitting snugly around the head with a small brim that fits into the top of the cap. The difference between a newsboy and a flat cap relates to how they are sewn together. On a flat cap, the top is constructed from a single piece of fabric and connects to the side pieces in the back. On a newsboy cap, the pieces are all sewn together at the top underneath a decorative button. The cap consists of eight triangular pieces put together like a pizza with the center being the top of the hat. The newsboy hat is also called the cabbie, eight-panel, or Gatsby.

What fabrics are newsboy hats made from?

There are many styles of newsboy hats, and one of the biggest distinctions between different types is their materials. The type of material chosen depends, in part, on where the cap is going to be worn. The weather conditions of the area are another factor in this decision. The following are common materials used in making newsboy caps:

  • Cotton caps: These are popular due to their softness and ability to stay dry even with head perspiration. Cotton can be dyed a variety of bright colors for a unique cap.
  • Wool newsboy caps: These classics provide a great deal of warmth during the winter and also keep the head cool in warmer months. Wool wicks away moisture creating a dry insulating barrier between the skin and cap.
  • Tweed hats: Tweed is one of the most popular materials for traditional-looking newsboy caps. These hats can withstand the elements, and since they are often made from wool, they provide protection against the cold.
  • Leather newsboy caps: These hats put a different spin on the classic look. They are stylish and extremely durable.
  • Linen newsboy hats: While not the warmest, these wick away moisture well. Linen caps get softer and smoother with time, producing a classic aged look.
What is a herringbone newsboy hat?

Herringbone is a particular type of weave pattern that is commonly used with tweed and wool materials and occasionally with cotton. The pattern consists of a repeating V pattern in which the connection of the parts of the V is not complete. This pattern is also called the broken twill weave or broken zigzag. Newsboy herringbone hats are popular in professional settings.