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Mepps Lures

Mepps is a leading manufacturer of freshwater and saltwater fishing lures. Mepps lures have been consistently rated for several species of fish throughout the company's long history. They also manufacture over 4,000 different types of baits.

What types of fishing lures does Mepps manufacture?

Mepps' main focus is on the production of spinner-type lures. Spinners include a blade that spins around a wire shaft when the lure is in motion. The blade reflects light and creates vibrations that attract a wide variety of game fish and entices them to strike. They also produce several models of spoon-type lures, although in much smaller quantities compared to their spinner models. Following are some of their known fishing baits:

  • Aglia: This spinner is the first lure introduced by Mepps, and is still manufactured. It comes in undressed (plain treble hook) and dressed (hackle-covered treble hook) models with shiny silver or gold blades.
  • Comet Mino: Endorsed by Bassmaster magazine, the Comet Mino combines a spinner with a plastic minnow that mimics a wounded bait fish.
  • Black Fury: Modeled after the Aglia, this model features a black spinning blade that is used frequently for bass, walleye, pike, trout, salmon, and panfish.
What sizes of Mepps lures are available?

As a general rule, smaller baits catch smaller fish while larger ones catch larger fish. Mepps lures come in sizes from #00 to #5 and, depending on size, will catch specific species.

  • Sizes #00 and #0 are good for panfish, such as bluegill, sunfish, rock bass, and small trout.
  • Sizes #1 & #2 are common for large panfish and trout found in larger streams or lakes.
  • Size #2 is used for smallmouth bass and walleye.
  • Size #3 is a common selection for all largemouth bass and walleye over three pounds.
  • Sizes #4 & #5 will catch large trout, salmon, steelhead, northern pike, and musky and have the largest spinners.
Can Mepps lures be used to catch saltwater fish?

Several models are widespread for saltwater use, including the Little Wolf and Syclops spoons and many of the larger spinners. In fact, Syclops and Little Wolf are known to catch redfish/drum, snook, speckled trout, and tarpon. Seabound striped bass prefer larger spinners.

What tackle should be used with spinners?

In order for a spinner to work as designed, it needs to be matched with the proper fishing line diameter and rod weight. Smaller spinners (sizes #00 and #0) work well with ultra-light fishing equipment and light line (up to 8lb. test). A lighter line allows the spinners to move more freely and enables a fisherman to sense light strikes from smaller fish. Lure sizes #1 through #3 work well with light- to medium-action rods combined with a stronger line since larger fish, such as bass and walleye, would likely break lighter line and rods. Spinner sizes #4 and #5 work well with heavier rods and line that can handle large fish, such as musky and salmon.

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