Remolque militar

Military Trailers for Patriotic Hauling

If you want to show your patriotic spirit every time you tow cargo from place to place, you might want to consider one of the pre-owned military trailers available on eBay. All of these trailers were once requisitioned by the military, and there are many types of trailers to choose from.

What types of military surplus trailers are there?

Since military life requires preparation for many different types of scenarios, the versatile cargo vehicle types in this category are all quite different from each other. Some of the trailer types that you might find within this selection include:

  • Canvas trailers: These types of trailers consist of flatbeds with wooden frames on top. Canvas is stretched over these frames to create an inner area that is protected from the elements. The canvas that is used with these trailers comes in a number of different colors.
  • Tool trailers: These types of trailers were originally used to haul military tools from one place to another. They have rounded sides, which makes them look slightly like tanker trailers. They are painted in military green.
  • Flatbed trailers: There are a variety of different types of flatbed trailers among these listings. Some of these trailers were originally used to pull generators, and others are ready to admit canvas tops that you purchase separately.
What are some common parts and accessories for these trailers?

Since the trailers in this category were originally designed for military use, they have special needs when it comes to parts and accessories. For instance, you'll need a specialized type of electrical harness to connect one of these trailers to your towing vehicle, and you might also need other spare parts to make these trailers operate correctly. Some of the parts you may need include:

  • Electrical harnesses
  • Tie-down hooks
  • Light sets
  • Landing gear
  • Pallet netting
How do you pick the right trailer?

If you want a reasonably priced military trailer that is fully enclosed and highly durable, you might want to pick a tool trailer. However, canvas trailers are immediately recognizable as military-grade, and they come in many different colors. On the other hand, flatbed trailers can be very convenient when you want to haul large loads that won't fit within the constraints of a covered trailer.