Mini-ITX Computer Motherboards

Mini-ITX Computer Motherboards

If you are looking for a lot of power that comes in a small package, a Mini-ITX motherboard may be what you are looking for. Designed to save space without losing processing power, Mini-ITX boards will offer more than enough computing power for gaming purposes as well as most other types of applications.

What are Mini-ITX specifications?

These are general specifications only, and will vary by manufacturer and model.

  • Form factor: Mini-ITX
  • Socket types: LGA 1150, LGA 1151, AM4
  • RAM slots: Two (supported types depend on manufacturer and model)
  • Expansion slots: One PCI Express
  • On-board graphics: Varies - see specifications
  • Power supply: Typically supports 24 pin, check product information for specific board
What are the features of a Mini-ITX motherboard?
  • Small form factor
  • Compatible with modern processor architecture
  • Supports a range of configurations
  • Standardized form factor makes it easy to find cases, power supplies, and other accessories
Is the Mini-ITX a gaming motherboard?

This depends on the exact manufacturer specifications, but as a general rule, they will support most gaming needs. For maximum performance, an add-on GPU is recommended over the onboard graphics chipset offered by most manufacturers. System builders should consider adding as much RAM as possible, as well as a high-end CPU when building a system for gaming.

What computing workloads can a Mini-ITX motherboard support?

Mini-ITX motherboards are suitable for most general computing needs, as well as some specialty needs. Motherboards are only one part of the equation, so system builders should consider their needs carefully, and select a motherboard, CPU, RAM, and GPU that suits their purposes.

Mini-ITX motherboards can be used to build servers, but are not normally ideal for this purpose because of their limited connections, and smaller case sizes.

For graphics intensize non-gaming workloads, builders should plan on adding a high-end GPU to the motherboard, as the onboard chipset on most Mini-ITX motherboards is not designed for graphics heavy workloads.

Are Mini-ITX motherboards compatible with Windows 10?

Typically, yes, a Mini-ITX motherboard would support Windows 10. Before purchasing a Mini-ITX motherboard, be sure to read the manufacturers specifications for the model you are buying in order to ensure it meets the compatibility guidelines for your operating system.

Due to its small size, as well as the smaller case size, builders should ensure that they are installing sufficient cooling hardware. Take care not to block vents, as proper airflow is vital to cooling.

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