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Mission Roller Hockey Skates

A pair of high-quality roller skates can improve your roller-hockey game. Whether you are in a youth, junior, or senior league, Mission roller-hockey skates can help you get the edge you want for accelerating, stopping, and turning. They are built to be comfortable, breathable, and fast-moving.

What are some Mission skate models in the senior category?

There are several different roller-hockey skates available from Mission, including the:

  • Inhaler NLS1: This is one of the skates available for senior roller-hockey athletes. It has a Curv composite quarter-package that gives roller hockey skaters explosive power. The boot can be heat-molded for a custom fit. It has a Hi-Lo Kryptonium 76mm/80mm chassis and Revision Flex Soft wheels.
  • Inhaler NLS2: With a Curv Composite boot, this hockey skate is stiff while also lightweight. It has an injected tendon and a form-fit, three-piece tongue with metatarsal padding in addition to a fiber-composite outsole.
  • Mission Inhaler NLS3: These skates offer high levels of support and a Tech-Mesh quarter package. They are thermoformable so that you can break in a pair quickly. The roller-hockey skates have Hi-Lo ABEC 9 bearings and revision-variant classic wheels.
  • NLS4: This type of skate has a quarter package made of 3D TrueForm Tech polyurethane. The felt liner on the skate hugs the foot from the toe to the ankle. Its injected thermoplastic-polyurethane outsole is durable and provides stability.
  • NLS6: These Mission skates are intended to be worn by amateur or recreational roller-hockey players. They come with Hi-Lo street roller wheels, ABEC 5 bearings, and a Hi-LO 76mm/80mm chassis.
What are some skate models for youth and junior players?

Younger people have similar options to seniors when it comes to Mission Inhalers. There are several roller-hockey skates made in smaller sizes, giving athletes a way to get high-performing roller hockey equipment. Mission Inhaler skates in youth sizes include the:

  • NLS3, Junior
  • NLS4, Junior
  • NLS5, Junior
  • NLS6, Junior
Is there a goalie-specific skate?

Goalies have different needs than other hockey players, so Mission designed a pair of roller-hockey skates just for them. The Mission DSG5 helps with balancing on the balls of your feet, which is generally how a goalie stands in the ready position. This skate has a sleek, black appearance. You can change the color of the heel using a removable insert. The sizes available include Junior 4 and 5. The Mission DSG5's features include:

  • An anatomically formed boot-quarter construction
  • Vented toe caps for breathability
  • Brushed nylon lining
  • Front-loaded chassis technology
  • Injection-molded black cowling