Commonly Asked Questions About the Mitsubishi Color Wheel

As a main accessory of the Mitsubishi television, the color wheel incorporates many complexities into the watching experience that need to be understood in order to appreciate the piece at its fullest potential. These are some basic common questions regarding repair, disassembly, and usage of the DMD and color wheel that will aid in the understanding of the technology.

How do you maintain your Mitsubishi color wheel?

Mitsubishi TVs will often have a haze buildup within the optical engine that may hinder the performance of the wheel. To clean off the haze from the color wheel, remove the wheel cover, taking out the wheel with the light tunnel. Using a Q-tip and isopropyl alcohol, wipe the haze from the glass of the wheel. Only use water with a Q-tip if you are cleaning the tunnel.

How does the Mitsubishi color wheel work with the TV?

There is a small piece of tape on the part of the wheel called the color wheel index that will pass in front of the optical sensor once the wheel begins spinning. The information then gets transmitted from the optical sensor to the DMD board that communicates how to line up the DLP chip, ensuring all pixels are correctly projecting onto the TV screen.

How do you disassemble the Mitsubishi engine to prevent haze?

The only parts that are required to be disassembled for cleaning purposes are the top of the optical block and the wheel cover. Remove all screws, wires, and obstacles covering the optical block. Take the top off of the block while being careful not to move or stick any lenses. Remove the color wheel cover by unscrewing the top.

How do you remove my Mitsubishi color wheel?

To replace your color wheel with a new one, take these steps:

  • Step 1: First remove all screws from the back of the TV and unplug all cables, being careful not to harm any parts.
  • Step 2: Pull the engine out from the back of the TV.
  • Step 3: Once you have removed the color wheel cover from the engine, unscrew two screws on the wheel, unplug all connectors, and remove the wheel.
How does DLP affect the Mitsubishi TV?

Mitsubishis DLP works as a partner to the DMD. The DMD will project an image from reading the information the DLP gives it. When the DLP receives a signal, the DMD will react upon it by tilting its reflective mirrors. The mirrors will reflect different shades of grey, which creates a colorless video on the TV. Color wheels are responsible for creating the colors against these shades.

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