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Protect Your Ears With Music Hearing Protection and Safety Supplies

Noisy concerts, loud speakers, and powerful instruments can end up damaging the delicate structures of your ear if you don_x001A_t take precautions. Affordable hearing protection gear can minimize potential damage to your hearing from loud music. When you wear the right earplugs, you can experience excellent sound quality without muffling the music or harming your sense of hearing.

How do you select hearing protection that fits?

If you are looking at one of the many products on eBay that comes in multiple sizes, you might be wondering how you should choose a size. It is important to remember that the plug size is relevant to the size of your ear canal, not your ear itself. People with large outer ears may have a very tight canal and vice versa. Most people are fine with a medium-sized plug, but keep in mind that women tend to have slightly smaller ear canals than men.

Consider these affordable hearing protection options

Noise reduction safety gear comes in several different forms. You can find many styles on eBay, including:

  • Wrap-around ear muffs: This style has a thick band going over the head and large earpieces that go over the ears. Sometimes called isolation headsets, these can be worn during drum practice to protect your hearing.
  • Moldable ear plugs: These soft-foam plugs fit directly into the ear, and they have a squishy texture that expands to fit your ear canal_x001A_s shape.
  • Stiff plugs: This style of hearing protection goes into the ear canal, but it is not soft and squishy. Instead, it has a firmer texture, and this style often has a soft, cone-shaped fitting around it to seal the plug in your ear.
Can you wear the same earplugs more than once?

Some of the moldable plugs are meant to be worn for a few uses. However, there are plenty of styles that are made to be worn multiple times. Certain styles hold their shape and remain effective for so long that you can even find some previously owned hearing-protection options on eBay. As long as they are cleaned after each use, they can be used countless times. Many earplugs come with sturdy carrying cases.

Are there any hypoallergenic earplugs available?

Although some types of earplugs contain latex, it is possible to find hearing-safety supplies products that are made of hypoallergenic materials. These latex-free plugs are typically made from silicone.

What is the difference between standard earplugs and high-fidelity plugs?

A basic earplug is a device that blocks sound from reaching your inner ear. When you wear them, you will notice that music sounds muffled or even silent. Many musicians like wearing high-fidelity plugs instead because these lower the decibels of the sound entering your ear without reducing the quality of the music. There are also options that specifically filter out sounds with certain frequencies. Picking one of the hi-fi options on eBay lets you still appreciate every note of your favorite music without leaving your ears exposed to unhealthy decibel levels.