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Rest Your Music Instrument Safely And in Style with These Instrument Stands

Set your music instrument down gently every time and avoid rolling and dust with instrument stands from eBay. You can find new and used stands here at every price point to help you play your music. Easily place your instrument and have it ready to play when the music starts.

What types of instrument stands are available?

You can search for just about every kind of instrument stand on eBay. eBay often has lyre stands, lap steel stands, and dulcimer stands, to name a few. You can choose from various models and types, such as three versus four-legged models. You can also choose different materials. Metal stands are becoming more common, but there are also wooden versions around.

What kinds of guitar hangers and stands are offered?

eBay has all kinds of guitar stands, hangers, and neck rests for when you set your guitar down anywhere. The guitar stand materials range from wooden to metal alloys, and eBay has just about every brand. You can use the eBay search bar to look by brand, or you can sift through the types using the brand checklist option. eBay carries many used and new options for you to choose from, but the basic types offered include:

  • Universal four-legged stands
  • Neck rests
  • Slat wall hangers
  • Tripod stands
  • A-frame stands
What kinds of piano stands are there?

eBay carries a broad selection of new and used piano and electronic keyboard stands. Check out the More to Explore section at the bottom of the page as you search to find more categories of music stands and accessories. eBay carries basic Z-types, stage stands, dual-level stands, and X-style stands. There are a lot of metal versions on the market in different composites, so be sure to choose the right type for your venue. If you are on stage a lot, you may want a more portable version that folds up easier. If your keyboard stays in one spot, you might opt for a heavier or wooden type.

Benefits of using music instrument stands

A quality storage stand is an important piece of equipment in your music lineup. From holding up pianos on stage to storing your instrument properly, sturdy music instrument storage stands serve the same purpose in many different locations. Whether you have a sound room, recording studio, or a small practice space, you will want to make sure that you extend the life of your instrument by storing it properly. Stands come in many varieties and levels of quality. Your stand does not have to be new to serve the purpose of keeping your instrument clean and out of harm's way. Stands are also a great way to make a decor statement, as musical instruments are a beautiful showpiece when they are stored on a stand. Of course, there is always the benefit of being able to store more instruments in one room with the help of new and used stands. Especially with larger instruments like guitars and basses, a polished set of stands will help you to organize and show your instrument collection.