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Nike Air Force One Men's Basketball Shoes

Nike Air Force 1 Mens Basketball Shoes

Nike Air Force 1 shoes, called AF1 or AF-1, are Bruce Kilgores first basketball shoe design. Nike Air Force 1 exists in many different iterations, including Nike Air Force 1 high, mid, and low.

What exactly does "Air Force 1" refer to?

"Air Force 1" refers to two things simultaneously. It is the name of an Air Force aircraft which carries the President of the United States. The word "air" also implies Nike Air, a proprietary cushioning technology. Nike Air Force 1 consists of compressed air inside a highly durable, flexible bag.

Nike Air Force 1 soles adjust to provide personalized padding for each athlete and each sport. The cushioning helps to absorb impact as it compresses when you step and then returns to its original shape.

What are features of low-top, mid-top, and high-top shoes?

In addition to ankle height, the shoe types have the following features:

  • Select pairs of SF Air Force 1 High are classified as boots. The high collars have extra padding. SF Air Force 1 High boots also tend to lack the signature Swoosh logo on the profile. Instead, the letters "AF1" appear vertically.
  • Mid-top silhouettes have an attached ankle strap. This feature on all mid-top silhouettes is Velcro, which inadvertently mixes retro with timeless sneaker design.
  • Low silhouettes have leather edges and fine detailing.
What do the outsoles and other parts consist of?

All Air Force 1 outsoles are rubber. Depending on the style, uppers are either leather, synthetic, or textile. They may be a combination of two or more materials. Special iterations containing other fabrics exist as well, such as wool or polyester yarn (Flyknit). Regardless of the material used, Air Force 1 sneakers contain perforated tongues on select styles for increased aeration.

What is the AJF?

"AJF" stands for Air Jordan Fusion. These sneakers are a combination, or fusion, of classic Jordan and Nike Air Force 1 tooling. They represent a collaboration between Nike and Jordan Brand, Michael Jordans own athletic shoe and apparel brand. Uppers are lightweight leather or suede with mesh. AJF styles typically have ankle straps like Air Force 1 mids. Some iterations also have a standout throwback detail: the deubre, a small ornamental tag attached to the laces.

What are the AF1 glow-in-the-dark shoes?

The shoes outsoles, speckled midsoles, and swooshes glow, thanks to phosphorus, which radiates visible light after being energized by any kind of light.

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