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Nike Basketball Shoes for Men

Nike Basketball Shoes for Men

Basketball can be a lot of fun to play, and with all the sprinting, cutting, and jumping, having a quality pair of basketball shoes on your feet is important for top performance as well as comfort. Basketball shoes can vary in cut, composition, lace type, and more. Some of this footwear is named after famous players, such as the LeBron, Kobe, and Jordan designs from Nike.

What are the parts of a basketball shoe?

  • Upper sole: The upper sole of basketball shoes consists of the material that surrounds the foot and ankle, and this part of the shoe can vary in material and cut. The upper sole of Nike shoes can be made out of woven material, which is often breathable, flexible, and built for speed, or rubber or other synthetic materials, which provide more support and durability. The brand also offers many different upper sole color options, including white, black, red, gold, and more.
  • Midsole: The midsole provides the cushioning in a pair of sneakers, and it is often composed of polyurethane, EVA foam, or a combination of the two. Nike implements different compositions in different areas of the footbed.
  • Outsole: The outsole of basketball sneakers is responsible for providing traction on the floor, and many of Nikes shoes offer wide, flat outsoles for stability and added grip.

What different cuts are available on basketball shoes?

  • High-top: Nike high-top shoes have an upper sole that wraps up around the top of the ankle. This extra height is designed to offer stability and support. Since this style of cut consists of more material, these Nike shoes are often slightly heavier and worn by larger players, such as centers, power forwards, and some small forwards, who need more stability when battling in the paint for rebounds.
  • Mid-top: Nikes mid-top basketball shoes cover slightly less of the ankle, reaching just the bottom of the ankle as opposed to over it.
  • Low-top: Nikes low-top basketball shoes are designed to help provide both speed and agility, allowing guards to sprint up and down the court. These shoes are less restrictive around the ankles.

What kinds of fasteners are available on basketball shoes?

  • Laces:: Normal laces are quite common in basketball shoes and are often the primary means of keeping them on your feet on the basketball court.
  • Straps: Straps are quite common on high-top sneakers as they can provide a little extra stability around the ankles. Some Nike shoes have been designed where straps completely replace the laces.
  • Zippers: Some basketball shoes utilize zippers instead of laces. These are convenient, but they must fit almost perfectly as zippers do not easily allow adjustment of the tightness of basketball shoes.

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