Choose the Niner Bike That Fits Your Riding Style

Niner has been crafting bikes for pro and recreational riding for many years. You will find many of their bikes available on eBay in a range of styles, colors, and configurations. Understanding some of the main aspects of Niner bikes can help you narrow your search and choose the model that suits your preferences. 

Handlebar options for Niner bikes 

Handlebar designs for bikes come in several configurations that can change how you ride. You may have a preferred type of bar already, or you can browse through the complete line that eBay carries. Some common handlebars you will find on the bikes you see include the following:  

  • Flat - This is the basic handlebar configuration you may have seen on many bicycles. The handles extend outwards on either side of the bike in a straight line.
  • Drop - Drop bars curve out and down in your direction as you are sitting on the bike saddle. This design may help you sit low and forward in the seat to gain speed.
  • Riser - These handles extend up in your direction. You may wish to use them if you want to sit higher or straighter in your seat when you ride.

What types of bikes does Niner make? The company produces several bike models to meet different needs. Choosing a particular type of bike from their selection can be a great way to find the one that matches how you plan to use yours. You can find both new and used Niner models on eBay. Some common bikes you will discover on eBay are the following:  

  • Mountain - The design elements of these bikes make them a great choice for the steep, narrow trails you are likely to find in mountainous regions.
  • Gravel - If you plan to ride primarily on terrain that is uneven and rough but relatively straight, a bike made for gravel or dirt could be a good option.
  • Trial - If you would like to race in time trials with your Niner bike, this type might be a good choice for you.

Choosing a set of brakes for your Niner bike 

Most Niner models come with disc brakes. However, the type of disc brake you get with your bike can differ depending on which model you choose. In most cases, the two types of disc brakes you will find are the following:  

  • Mechanical - These brakes use a system of cables to apply pressure to the calipers and slow your bike.
  • Hydraulic - Hydraulic brakes use additional force to the caliper via fluid.

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