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Surround Your World with Video Game Posters

The on-screen home gaming culture has become such big part of many lives around the world. There are many who enjoy the nostalgia of classic game titles such as Nintendos Zelda, Star Wars and Super Mario Bros. Commemorate the love of on screen play by decorating with video game posters.

Where Can I Find Posters?

There are many ways you can find the posters youre looking for. The source will need to be reputable and reliable for you to get the right item.

  • Online with eBay
  • Local Comic Book Stores
  • Book Stores
  • Local Garage Sales
  • Trading with your friends

What are ways I can mount my posters?

Displaying your posters is a very important consideration. The potentially collectible heirlooms could be worth a pretty penny if left pristine and hard to find in the future. Take the care and mount the posters to make them last for decades.

  • Professionally mount them in picture frames
  • Mount them yourself in a picture frame
  • Place in plastic poster holders

What are ways I should not mount my posters?

In days of old, posters used to be mounted to the wall in whatever means necessary. Some of those who did not take the care to mount their posters correctly are most likely regretting that decision. It is wise to not be careless when mounting your favorite posters. You could be losing a very sought after vintage item someday.

  • Do not mount with thumb tacks
  • Do not mount with tape (double stick or scotch)
  • Do not mount with staples

What are some good Nintendo posters to add to my collection?

With Nintendo video game posters, the list is unlimited. You can have Mario on one wall looking at Bowser on the other wall. The Zelda game you cherish can be played with the awesome poster mounted right behind you. Consider the following promotional art prints when looking to add to your collection.

  • Triforce
  • Metroid
  • Fire Fox
  • X-Men
  • Tecmo Bowl

What other ways can I decorate my space besides posters?

Video game collectibles are becoming high in demand. As more and more fanatics fall in love with gaming, more collectibles emerge. Consider these other items and the Legend of Zelda and Super Mario will be seen beyond the walls.

  • Bedding and Curtains
  • Shower Curtains
  • Cups and Coasters

Other video game art to collect?

Besides the vast world of art posters that Nintendo has to offer, there are other video game merchandise to consider collecting. Search for the possibilities of getting a physical copy of other artifacts in the gaming ecosystem.

  • Character mask
  • Retro sign
  • Artist canvas art
  • Fortnite collectibles
  • Harry Potter collectibles