O Scale Model Railroad Buildings, Tunnels & Bridges

O Scale Model Railroad Buildings Tunnels and Bridges

Model and toy trains come in different sizes or scales with HO scale being one of the commonly used ones. Model railroad structures, tunnels, and bridges in O or HO help turn a loop of track with a toy on it into a layout that duplicates real life in miniature.

How big are O trains, buildings, tunnels, and bridges?

O scale is larger than HO scale. As one of the larger scale railroad sizes, O scale uses a ratio of 1 to 48 compared to 1:87 for HO scale. A car that measures 48 feet long in real life becomes one scale foot long. An O scale human being measures roughly 1-1/2 inches tall and a real building measuring 20 feet in height would stand about 5 scale inches tall.

What materials are O structures, tunnels, and bridges made of?

Vintage rail model items can be made of wood or metal, which can prove durable but heavy. Modern model railroad items and some older ones are typically made out of plastic, which is lightweight, can accept multiple colors, and, depending on their construction, stand up to the rough-and-tumble play of children. They may also be painted just like a structure kit.

Why should you consider O items that are already pre-assembled?

Pre-assembled O scale rail items are already built up and painted, which can make them more convenient for some people. You dont have to guess what a scale structure resembles and can place it on your layout to create a town, camp, or mining building. If you want to put your rail set away, a pre-assembled structure is also durable enough to be stored.

What are the advantages of O scale kits that require assembly?

Because O scale kits require building, they offer flexibility. You can restructure kits to fit odd spaces in a process known as model kit-bashing. You have the option to paint kits to match your scenery and train set and add your own signs, decals, and accessories. These scale model kits tend toward realism and so are well-suited to permanent setups that try to duplicate reality in miniature.

What features are there to start off with?

Youve got some options here. You could start off in O or HO with a tunnel for the locomotive. One or more railroad stations surrounded by houses can designate a city where your passengers can get off and on. If you have a stretch of track on a higher level, a bridge can indicate crossing a river or a deep valley. Of course trees add a scenic touch.