Optimus Prime Transformer & Robot Action Figures

Optimus Prime Transformer and Robot Action Figures

Probably the most popular character to come out of the famous Transformers superhero franchise is Optimus Prime. Optimus Prime is the leader of the Autobots, which is a group of robots from Transformers that can transform into cars and other objects. This character is particularly loved by children the world over, perhaps due to his traits that make him somewhat of a role model along with a superhero that can turn into a truck. Optimus Prime is a strong leader with moral character, has good decision-making skills and a sense of honor and justice. He also is good in martial arts and military tactics. Since the Optimus Prime character is so well known and loved, there are an abundance of toys including action figures. The first original Optimus Prime toy was introduced to American children in 1984 and while the Autobots leader still looks relatively the same today, the modern versions are definitely more appealing. Transformers fans young an old, including hardcore collectors and first time players enjoy Optimus Prime figures from multiple series.

Are There Different Kinds of Optimus Prime Figures?

Over the years, there are have been many types of figure series released, all of which have different features and sometimes coincide with the Transformers movie releases. Some of the more popular series of toy include:

  • MP-10 Masterpiece: The Masterpiece line of figures represented the Transformers more like they were in the original cartoon.
  • Cybertron Optimus Prime: This figure is a chunky robot and depicted as a fire truck when in transformed mode.
  • Revenge of the Fallen Leader: Perhaps one of the more complicated toys, the Optimus Prime from this series includes a backpack and shoulder pads and can take some time to transform from robot to truck.

Do Optimus Prime Action Figures Come in Different Sizes?

Absolutely. There is such a large range of Optimus figures available so you can find the right size toy for you or your child.

  • Mini: Most Transformer characters have their own mini size range that measure around 7 to 8 cm tall.
  • Standard: Standard size Transformers toys are the most popular, and these stand about 20 cm tall and are great toys for playing.
  • Large: You will be able to find some larger Optimus Prime figures, which can be 30 to 50 cm tall.

Special Optimus Prime Features

Depending on what kind of Optimus Prime action figure you buy, there are a number of special features that you may find on the leader of the Autobots. Some more modern Optimus figures come with electronic speech action and even can replicate the sound of an engine revving and racing sounds. Some have eyes that light up and armor panels and internal gears, which make them exciting toys for children.

Along with Optimus, you can also buy other Transformers figures such as fellow Autobots, Rescue Bots, Megatron, Sentinel Prime, or Nemesis Prime. Having more than one Transformers toy means that your children can reenact scenes from the Transformers movies or cartoons.