Orange LED Car Light Strips

Choosing an Orange LED Strip Car Lighting

LED strip lights can play dual roles in your car as they are functional and decorative. As functional pieces, they help to improve on driving safety. You can also use them as extra lighting in the trunk. Orange LED lights and other multi-color LED lights can add a bit of jazz to your vehicle.

What do I need to consider before buying LED lights?

You do not need the expertise on strip lights to make a good judgment. A few simple checks might just do the trick. These include:

  • Brightness - When youre getting a light add-on for the interior, get something that gives off a softer glow. For exterior lighting, including the bulb, go for brighter strobe lighting features.
  • Chip size - Ideally, you can get the SMD3528 or SMD5050 LED. The latter is slightly larger and brighter than the former. However, the SMD3528 packs more LED chips on a strip and you may not notice the difference after all.
  • Waterproof features - The only time you might want to get non-water proof lights is when you know there is little chance of the light coming into contact with water. You should always go for LED lights with IPV7 and IPV8 ratings.

Do I need special skills to install the LED light strip?

The LED light strip is relatively simple to install. In many cases, the light kit comes with an installation manual. However, always try and get professional assistance if you are unsure how to go about it. You might end up messing with the wiring system in your vehicle. Most strip light kits will have the following items included:

  • Light strips
  • Connector wires to join the lights with the power supply (some light kits come with a power adapter).
  • Some LED strips come with a remote control. This helps to adjust the hue and color-changing effects.

To attach the LED strip light, you will need to use double-sided adhesive or zip ties. For exterior lighting, always make sure that the strip has a good waterproof rating. Currently, the rating standards in LED lighting are IPV7 and IPV8.

LED lights give off intense brightness, making them a better alternative to halogen bulbs. The orange led strip can complement the front fog lamps, helping oncoming motorists to easily spot you. This is the same case with under-body light strips. Not only do they make your car attractive, they also make you visible when you go off-road or drive in thick fog.

Where can I use the orange LED strip light?

You can also use the strip in numerous other ways other than in your car. These include:

  • Lighting walkways and stairways
  • Lighting advertising signage
  • Creating artistic features around the home
  • Adding visual interest to the headlight, bonnet, foot-well, and under-car
  • Creating emergency or security lighting
  • Special event lighting
  • Accent lighting for motorcycles, boats, and RVs