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A Buyer's Guide to Choosing Metalworking Inspection and Measurement Equipment

When you perform metalwork as a hobby or inspect it as a career, it helps to have the right inspection and measurement tools and equipment. On eBay, you can find a variety of new and used metalworking inspection and measurement tools, equipment, and supplies. They have affordable metalworking inspection and measurement tools available in different materials, styles, sizes, and brands.

What are the available types of metalworking measurement tools?

Some of the available types of measurement tools for metalwork include:

  • Laser probes: These use a laser for measuring the distance between two points.
  • Levels and vials: These are used for measuring the angle and ensuring that a piece is level.
  • Planers: These are used for cutting and making angles.
  • Protractors: These handheld tools may be manual or digital, and they are also used for measuring angles.
  • Gauges: These are used to measure tool parts.
What are the categories of the metalworking inspection tools?

Some of the available categories of metalworking inspection tools on eBay include:

  • Checkers: There are tools for checking hardness, thickness, edges, angles, and fasteners.
  • Probes: These tools are used to locate materials underneath or within the metal.
  • Grabbers: These are tools for reaching within an opening in a piece of metalwork in order to measure or retrieve an item inside of it.
  • Conversion charts: There are unit conversion charts for decimals, fractions, and different types of metals.
What are some of the features of metalworking inspection tools?

Some of the features of the durable metalwork inspection and measurement tools available on eBay include:

  • Accuracy: The accuracy of the measurement tools is within the industry standard for margin of error.
  • Lighting: Some of the tools include a built-in LED for illumination of the work area.
  • Weatherproof: The tools may be coated with material that helps them resist moisture, corrosion, ultraviolet radiation, and rust.
How do you choose metalworking measurement and inspection tools?

When shopping for metalworking measurement and inspection tools on eBay, you might consider:

  • Condition: There are new, manufacturer's refurbished, and used measurement and inspection tools for metalwork.
  • Application: Choose tools to measure the hardness, thickness, or strength of metals.
  • Brand: Some of the available brands of the measurement and inspection tools for metalwork include Browne & Sharp, Fowler, Starett, Renishaw, and Westward. There are also unbranded and custom measurement and inspection tools available.

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