See Everything with a Peak Car Video Rear View Mounted Camera

Advances in rear view backup cameras allow drivers to increase vehicle safety and drive more confidently, and this technology provides a clear view behind the vehicle. Backup camera monitors range in size from 3 1/2 inches to 7 inches, so drivers can choose the size that is right for their vision and vehicle interiors. With this technology, drivers can increase their skills, avoid accidents, and feel more confident when driving.

How much does a Peak rear view mounted camera cost?

The cost of a Peak rear view camera ranges depending on technology and features. There are many new or used models available on eBay. When comparing the cost of a rear view camera for your vehicle, it's important to compare it to the cost of having to repair a vehicle or pay a vehicle's collision deductible. By avoiding an accident before it occurs, drivers can decrease the chance of their insurance premiums increasing in the future.

How does a Peak backup camera work?

A rear view back up camera works by increasing driver safety. Advances in camera technology allow drivers to see an area behind the vehicle that would normally be "out of sight." With a rear view camera, drivers can avoid hitting people or objects behind the car or truck while driving in reverse.

How are back up cameras installed in vehicles?

Peak backup cameras are easy to install and can be used on just about any vehicle make or model. The aftermarket rear view camera comes with installation and mounting instructions included. Some models will require hard-wiring to the vehicle's electrical system while others are sold with wireless transmitters. The universal Peak design allows the technology to be installed in a few minutes and can also be used to replace existing systems. Installation consists of the following:

  • Mounting: Use a suction cup to mount the monitor.
  • Installing: Install the rear view camera in the rear of the vehicle.
  • Double checking: Double check the view before driving.
Can a backup camera be used with RVs and trailers?

Driving an RV or trailer comes with obstacles that can be overcome with the use of a backup camera. An aftermarket rear view mirror backup camera can be installed on the rear of an RV or trailer. When opting for this type of technology, drivers should opt for Peak models with wireless transmitters. The transmitter models offer a large LCD screen, which provides a clear picture behind the vehicles.