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PUMA Soccer Cleats for Men

When playing a sport, having the right gear is essential for good performance and preventing injuries. Its important to research and consider all of the potential factors that play into your performance and technique when buying gear. PUMA soccer cleats for men offer shoes like the Future line, the NetFit line, and the EvoKNIT line.

Does PUMA offer mens turf cleats?

PUMA offers soccer boots designed for the firm surface and shorter grass-style of turf. These are designed with low-profile rubber studs on the soles to provide traction on turf surfaces. While these are designed for turf, they can also be used on other harder, natural surfaces.

What are PUMA cleats made of?

The material PUMA cleats are made from depends on the specific shoe. Some of these materials on the upper portion include microfiber, leather, spandex, synthetic leather, and other synthetic materials. The outsole may be made of rubber, thermoplastic polyurethane, plastic, and other materials, depending on the surface the soccer cleats are intended for.

What are the features of the EvoSPEED firm ground cleats?

The PUMA EvoSPEED line of soccer cleats has a synthetic sole, removable sockliner, and a speedCELL design. They also have a Pebax outsole and a DuoFlex forefoot.

  • Lightweight: The uppers of EvoSPEED soccer shoes are made of a thin textile material that creates a lightweight shoe.
  • Traction: The cleat studs of the nylon sole have a combination of conical and bladed studs.
  • Support: Some EvoSPEED varieties incorporate PUMAs SPEEDFRAME design.
How do you clean mens PUMA cleats?

Soccer cleats collect sweat and debris from whatever surface you may be playing on, so it is important to clean them if you want them looking and smelling fresh. Avoid putting PUMA soccer boots in the washer and dryer because this can damage the shape. Simply mix a solution of warm water and a mild detergent, and scrub the shoes with a soft-bristled brush. Let the shoes air dry in a cool, dry area.

What type of cleats are best for indoor surfaces?

PUMA designs a series of indoor soccer shoes that can be used on hard surfaces typical of an inside soccer court or field. These are some of the features commonly found on these shoes:

  • Outsole: The sole of these soccer shoes generally dont have cleat studs, resulting in a flatter sole for traction on the slick and harder surface of the court. The material is commonly a non-marking rubber.
  • Upper Shoe: The upper shoe typically has a lower profile than other soccer cleats and more closely resembles an athletic sneaker.
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