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PUMA Soccer Shoes for Men

Since 1948, PUMA has been designing and manufacturing a variety of athletic apparel, casual footwear, clothing, and accessories. PUMA offers a range of soccer footwear to choose from. Here is some information to help you choose the soccer footwear that suits your preferences.

How do you care for PUMA soccer cleats?

By following the directions, you can take care of your PUMA soccer cleats:

  • Avoid machine wash or dry for your shoes.
  • Air dry your boots, removing the footbed.
  • Promptly clean them after use, especially when exposed to dirt or mud.
  • To help retain their shape, pack your shoes with crumpled paper.
  • Do not expose your boots to sources of extreme heat; this includes space heaters, radiators, and dryers.
  • Use the shoes for their intended purposes, playing soccer.

Additionally, cleaning of the shoes depends on the materials the shoe is made from.

  • Leather: Hand wash with mild soap on a soft cloth dampened in cold water. Never soak or immerse in water.
  • Suede and Nubuck: Make use of a brush specifically designed for suede surfaces to keep your shoe clean.
  • Nylon and Canvas: Gently scrub the uppers with a soft cloth dipped in cold water and soap. Avoid the use of bleach or harsh cleaning agents.
  • Synthetic Leather: Use a soft-bristle brush or soft cloth to scrub the uppers using cold water and mild soap. Air dry.
Can you tell if your PUMA soccer shoes are authentic?

Original PUMA soccer shoes have anti-counterfeit labels that are specific for each shoe. These labels are of different colors, with each color representing a different country or region. The anti-counterfeit label comes in different forms; namely, watermarks, square codes, or a silver line. Following are some other things you can check for the authenticity of your PUMA shoes:

  • Tongue label: Original footwear has a tongue label that says Official Licensed FI Product.
  • Colors and style: Original footwear comes in a range of colors and designs specific to the brand.
  • The logo: In a genuine PUMA shoe, the logo is usually present at the heel and on the sole.
Are PUMA soccer cleats for men suitable for indoor soccer?

Yes, the company is known to make shoes to wear as indoor soccer cleats. Puma evoSPEED 5.4 is a model designed for indoor soccer. The features found on them include:

  • Multi-Studded Rubber Outsoles: These are made for playing soccer on indoor and street surfaces.
  • Speed CELL Technology: This is designed to help players be more responsive in running during indoor soccer play.
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