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Palladium Boots for Men

Palladium started out making tires for aircrafts in the 1920s, but they expanded to create a variety of boots. The men's boots offered at Palladium are designed to be worn for a wide range of activities. Palladium products come in many colors, cuts, and designs.

What are men's Palladium boots made of?

Palladium footwear is made of several different materials and most have a combination of these materials. The Palladium upper shoe of these boots is constructed with materials such as genuine suede, nubuck leather, leather, rubber, and canvas. Some Palladium styles have a wool lining and an EVA foam insole to help provide warmth. The outsole of Palladium shoes consists of rubber.

How do you clean Palladium footwear?

Whether Palladium boots are used for working outdoors or trekking through the wilderness, when they get dirty, you may want to know how to clean and maintain them. Here are some tips for washing and drying your boots.

  • Washing: The washing method will depend on the material, so check the product tag for detailed instructions. In general, it's a good idea to start with a dry brush to get off dirt. For leather, rubber Pampa, and canvas shoes, use warm water and a mild detergent, and gently rub the upper material with a damp cloth. For suede and nubuck, avoid using water and use a suede brush to remove dirt. Some Palladium canvas shoes may be machine washed on a gentle cycle.
  • Drying: Leave your Palladium boots to dry by air. You can stuff the Palladium boot with crumpled up newspaper to help them keep their shape while absorbing excess water.
How do you pick the right size men's boot?

Palladium men's sizes range from size 6 up to 15, with half sizes up to 13. The sizes offered depend on the specific shoe, and some sizes may be listed in a unisex size. Palladium men's boots generally fit true to size, so pick the pair based on your typical sizing. If you plan to wear Palladiums with thick socks, it might be best to buy a size up.

What are the features of the Pampa Hi boot?

Pampa Hi is a military-inspired product that’s designed for wear in rainy and wet conditions. Here are some characteristics of these boots the company strives to offer:

  • Waterproof outer: Pampas are made of rubber on both the sole and upper shoe, incorporating waterproof seams on the outer.
  • Cushioned lining: The Pampa Hi variety have a polyester inner liner and an EVA foam footbed.
  • High-cut shaft: Pampa Hi items reach up to the ankle and features a lace-up system.
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