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Palladium Shoes for Women

For decades, Palladium has been creating innovative styles of boots and shoes, drawing on their history of making aircraft tires and more for the aviation industry. Palladium manufactures canvas sneakers in white, baggy boots in black, and other shoes designed to accommodate a variety of tastes, styles, and sizes.

What are Palladium boots made of?

Most Palladium shoes feature light and comfortable rubber soles suited for casual wear or hikes through rough terrain. Many boots from Palladium are made with leather, including the Pampa, the Pampa Hi, and the Pallabrouse. Suede is a soft but strong material that you can also find in these boots and shoes. Other Palladium boots and sneakers are also available in canvas. The canvas Palladium is thick and sturdy, providing long-lasting wear and comfort with the proper care.

What are some styles of boots available from Palladium?

Baggy, slouched boots are a signature of the Palladium brand. However, in addition to the baggy look, you can find other boot styles, such as the Pampa Hi, the Pampa, the Pallabrouse, and others. Palladium offers many women's sport-cuffs and ankle boots, as well as shoes cut below the ankle, like the Pampa Oxford. Each of Palladium's boots has a distinctive look, which buyers can further use to customize a casual look by selecting the color of their choice, such as black or tan.

What features are found on Palladium boot and shoe styles?

The Pallabrouse boot in black and other colors has a fold-over design on the top of the tongue. The Pampa and Pampa Hi from Palladium are lace-up boots that have a rugged sole for durable functionality. Some Palladium products are waterproof. Regardless of the type of Palladium boots that you buy, each has unique features that help buyers define their individual look while enjoying the comfort that Palladium boots are built for.

How can you maintain a Palladium boot or shoe?

Regardless of whether you purchase the Palladium, the Pallabrouse, or a canvas sneaker, you understandably want to keep your shoes in working condition. Always remove mud and debris from leather footwear as soon as possible. Leather and suede boots and shoes can be cleaned by hand using brushes and other tools often available in a kit. You may need to spot-wash the material, but take care to wipe leather dry quickly. You can also use leather cleaning and conditioning products as necessary. If you have canvas shoes from Palladium, however, you typically can launder these in a washing machine.

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