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Panasonic TV, Video and Home Audio Remote Controls

Control Your Home Audio with Panasonic Home Audio Remote Controls

Your TV is not the only thing that uses a remote control to be manipulated. Your home audio system can be controlled from a distance through a complementary remote control. Different models and versions can be considered.

What is an audio remote control?

A sound control is a wireless command device that can be used for an audio system or the sound of home theater systems. The control can be used to change different settings and the specifics of the sound quality through the pressing of different buttons on the front panel of the device.

What are the controls for the sound system?

The device has buttons that have specific functions such as controlling the surround sound, the various speakers, and so on . The buttons on the Panasonic home audio remote controls are:

  • Volume: You can lower and increase the volume.
  • Band: Used by your satellite system.
  • Source: The source through which the home theater is operating.
  • Mute: Turn off the sound.
  • Number: Channels on the home theater.
  • Power: Turn on/off.
  • Bass: Increase or decrease the bass on the subwoofer.
  • Back/Forth/Pause: Move through different places in the recording, or stop for a period of time at a certain point in the recording.
What are branded home theater system remote controls?

The complete home theater system remote controls work with any Panasonic home theater devices instead of having a separate remote control for each one. Speaker remote control functions are included in the device along with TV, Blu-ray disc players, and other home theater system devices of the same brand. The name on the remote control shows the type of device that it is designated for in the product name. Some controllers, even when branded, have a universal function and can be programmed to work with other devices by plugging in the code of the device. These remotes come with a manual for setting them to work with different devices.

At what distance do remote controls work?

You might want to know how far you can use your remote control. The distances vary depending on many small factors and the types of remote controls. The two main types are infrared and radio remote controllers. The type used in home remote controls is the infrared technology with some rare exceptions when there is a radio frequency extender to the device. Infrared controllers have a range of an average 30 meters when there is a clean line of sight. These remote controls will not work if there is an object between it and the TV signal receiver.

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