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Paper Napkins

Paper napkins are an easy and convenient way to clean up spills or decorate a table. These affordable tableware supplies can be folded into beautiful designs or arranged nicely on a buffet table. Paper napkins come in many colors and patterns, so it is easy to find something that matches your party theme or decor.

What are paper napkins made of?

Napkins are made of paper, but it is not the kind of paper used for writing or paper towels. Instead, paper napkins are made from a lightweight form of tissue paper that is produced to meet special hygienic standards. You can find standard table napkins in one, two, three, or four ply paper options. Paper styles with a higher ply are thicker and more durable.

How do you fold paper napkins with silverware inside?

When you are using paper dinner napkins, folding the silverware inside of the dinner napkins can lend elegance to any event.

  • Pick large napkins: Bigger napkins with a square shape will be easier to manage.
  • Place silverware diagonally: Gather your tableware and put them along the diagonal edge.
  • Fold in edges: Take the edge below the silverware and bring it up. Turn the left side up first and then the right side.
  • Finish with napkin bands: Get a set of matching self-adhesive napkin bands to keep the napkin in place.

What size are paper napkins?

There are a lot of different sizes to pick from when ordering paper napkins.

  • Cocktail: These napkins are typically 5-inches square. They are used to hold beverages or used alongside a plate of cocktail appetizers.
  • Luncheon: Lunch napkins are great for picnics and parties. They are normally around 6- or 7-inches square.
  • Dinner: Paper dinner napkins are typically the largest size. Square ones can be up to 10 inches wide. Another popular option are rectangles that are 4 inches by 8 inches.

How do you buy paper napkins?

Follow these steps to select the perfect paper napkins for any party or event:

  • Consider your occasion: Depending on the situation, you may need special holiday napkins, white and silver bridal paper napkins, or a festive party design. Your searches will be easier if you are looking for colored paper napkins made for your occasion.
  • Pick a size: To find the right size, think about your guests needs. Will they be using the paper napkins to hold beverages or will they be using the napkins to clean up after a big meal? Select the appropriate size for a cocktail hour, luncheon, or dinner.
  • Choose your material: For nicer events, you will want weightier napkins with a thicker ply or a linen-like feel. If you know your guests are environmentally conscious, you may want ones that people can recycle.