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Paul Stuart Clothing for Men

Paul Stuart is a classy, elegant men's retailer for all sorts of clothing. Founded as an alternative to other preppy men's clothing companies, branches now exist in many of the major cities in the United States and around the world. A diverse selection of patterns and fits provide options for a wide variety of needs and aesthetic tastes.

What colors, materials, and sizes are available?

Paul Stuart men's clothing is available in almost every style imaginable. From sport shirts and dress shirts to slacks, shorts, sweaters, and jackets, Paul Stuart's casual and formal attire for men is inventive, high-quality, and unique in style. The clothes are comprised of classic materials, like Italian cotton. Here is a breakdown of their features:

  • Colors - The company's designs come in all different shades and patterns, including gingham, plaid, stripes, solids, paisley, and checked.
  • Sizes - Typically, pants are available in sizes 32 through 42, while tops come in sizes S through XXL. Some sizes may be more available than others due to the frequency at which they are bought and worn.
  • Materials - Cotton is used to manufacture many different Paul Stuart garments. Specialty materials like yak wool are featured in a few garments, like the full-zip sweater.

As some material doesn’t fare too well in hot or warm washing cycles, generally clothing can be dry cleaned or machine washed with cold water on the gentle cycle. Afterwards, hang the clothes to dry.

What styles are available in this brand of apparel?

This line of apparel is available in all sorts of styles, including sport shirts, sweaters, shorts, trousers, dress shirts, polos, jackets, outerwear, and more. Here are a few of the garment styles available for men:

  • The Blue and Tan Oversized Paisley Corduroy Sport Shirt is made from entirely cotton Italian fabric in a large-scale navy and beige pattern. The corduroy weight gives the shirt some warmth while the beige and black buttons blend with the shirt's aesthetic.
  • The Basket-Weave Full Zip Cardigan is available in mink or forest green yak wool. Made in Italy in a regular fit, this garment is warm and goes with many different styles of apparel. A basket-woven texture adds interest, as does a full zip front.
  • The Green Cotton Tartan Check Pant features a flat front, belt loops, two side pockets, and two back pockets, all in a large-scale plaid pattern. These statement-making trousers are sewn out of cotton.
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