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Pink Shower Curtains

Pink shower curtains fitted for the bath come in many designs to suit different tastes, needs, and budgets. They go well with any pink bathroom décor and can be coordinated with a matching or contrasting liner of any color from blue to white. Whether you select pink curtains featuring a stripe, floral, or another pattern, the design options are endless.

What length should a long pink shower curtain be?

When choosing a long shower curtain design for the bath or shower, it’s important to consider the dimensions of your bathroom. Standard shower curtains are typically 70” x 72”, but long shower curtains can range from 78” to 84” in length depending on the size of the bath. Long shower curtains can also be found with patterns that include a pink stripe or a pink floral look. Use the following steps to determine the best length for a long shower curtain:

  • Get measuring tape that is divided in inches
  • Measure the area in front of the bath and/or shower
  • Determine the size needed to fully cover the area in the bathroom
  • Write down the resulting length and width of the shower curtain
What pink shower curtain fabric is available?

Pink shower curtains come in different choices of fabrics. These are suited for moist bathroom environments typically found from the frequent use of a bath. Most shower curtains are machine-washable and may be made from synthetic or organic materials. Some shower curtains are also waterproof and mildew-resistant so that they are able to withstand wetness in the bath.

A bathroom curtain liner helps to protect the more delicate and decorative curtains. No matter the fabric, there are many colors and styles available, including everything from a stripe to a floral pattern in pink. Choose from any of the following types of pink shower curtain fabric depending on personal preferences:

  • Nylon or polyester: durable synthetic and easy to clean
  • Silk or satin: most luxurious, though it wrinkles easily
  • Vinyl or plastic: extremely durable and repels water
  • Linen, cotton: natural, eco-friendly material, but not water resistant
  • Hemp: organic and naturally resistant to bacteria and mildew
How is a pink shower curtain hung?

A shower curtain can be paired with a coordinating shower curtain liner, curtain rod, and curtain rings to beautify the bath. Shower curtain rods can be purchased in the easy-to-install tension or spring type rods. Other types of curtain rods, such as curved and custom rods, are fixed wall-mounted models that require hardware to install. The size of the shower curtain rod is typically based on the width between the edges of the wall on either end of the shower or bathtub.