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Pioneer 6.1

Find Your Way With Pioneer 6.1 Video In-Dash Units With GPS

Pioneer produces many types of touchscreen navigation systems that use GPS to create an in-dash navigation system for your car. This in-dash navigation unit is also compatible with many types of car stereo systems. Understanding this Pioneer GPS navigation unit can help you decide if it is right for you.

What features are available with these navigation units?

When setting up one of these GPS receiver units in your stereo, it is essential to know about their many features. They will work as GPS receivers and give you detailed directions, and they also have other uses. A few of the different ways you can use this type of stereo receiver include:

  • Two-way radio: Communicate with others on the road by using this two-way radio. It will only work with other vehicles that have this same system, and it may be limited in use depending on the laws of your state.
  • Auxiliary input: Add a new source of audio or digital storage to your GPS receiver by hooking up a new unit through this input. You can also play audio and even stream movies through these auxiliary hookups.
  • Detachable face: The detachable face of this unit makes it easy to remove it and store it while you are gone. Detaching the face also provides security because the unit will be useless without its face.
  • Various radio options: This stereo is HD-radio ready, meaning that you can listen to high-definition radio the moment you buy it. It is also compatible with various types of MP3 players and MP3 discs.
  • Real-time traffic: Track traffic conditions in your area by using this feature to get real-time traffic reports from specialists near you. This option lets you plan a path through difficult or congested areas.
Are these units Bluetooth-compatible?

Bluetooth compatibility is a standard feature for many types of Pioneer GPS navigation system models. These in-dash navigation tools have been built by Pioneer to sync up with multiple types of wireless receivers in a car. This means they are compatible with Bluetooth.

As a result, you can use the voice-activated features of your Bluetooth phone or app to set up navigation waypoints. You can also use other Pioneer applications and tools to create pathways through unfamiliar areas while you are traveling.

What screen sizes are available?

The touchscreen of this navigation receiver is set at 6.1 inches, measured diagonally. It does not indicate the exact width or height of the unit, meaning that you have to plan carefully when buying one. See the manufacturer site for details.

Most vehicles that are compatible with this navigation unit from this manufacturer will be listed in the instruction booklet that comes with the touch-screen GPS. Other cars will come with this unit already installed inside the dash.

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