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Pioneer Touchscreen Car Audio In-Dash Units

Choosing the Right Pioneer Touch Screen Car Stereo

A new Pioneer touch screen car stereo can enhance your driving experience. A touch screen car stereo gives you a streamlined, easy way to access important utilities as well as entertainment. Many Pioneer touch screen car stereos can be integrated into your vehicle with little hassle.

What kind of media do touch screen car stereos play?

Pioneer touch screen car stereos have the ability to play multiple types of audio. This allows you to enjoy your content in multiple forms, including the following:

  • CD: Models such as the Pioneer AVH-210EX have CD-playing capability.
  • MP3: Via a USB cable.
  • Bluetooth: Apple iOS and Android OS.- Models, such as the Pioneer AVH210EX utilize an Advanced Audio Distribution Profile or A2DP to stream high-quality audio from your device to the stereo.
  • AM/FM radio: With varying amounts of presets to remember your favorite stations.
  • 3.5 mm auxiliary port: For playing iPods, MP3 players and more.
Do these stereos support Bluetooth calling?

A Pioneer touch screen car stereo does allow you to make calls using its Bluetooth capability. Many models allow you to answer calls with your voice or with the simple click of a button. This gives you a safe way to communicate on your phone while you drive. It allows you to hear the phone call clearly, right through your cars speakers and speak with clarity and little distortion. Upgrading to a Bluetooth-enabled car stereo can make communication easier and safer.

Do backup cameras work with a new touch screen stereo?

It is possible to use your new touch screen stereo with your vehicles existing backup camera. Many Pioneer touch screen car stereos have dedicated ports to plug the backup camera in upon installation. This allows you to upgrade your stereo without losing the convenience of your backup camera. The Pioneer AVH-210EX provides high-definition, wide-angle pictures when hooked up to compatible cars.

What is the picture quality of the touch screen stereo?

These touch screens display a variety of graphics. They may routinely show album art and various backgrounds. If they are navigation-compatible, they will also show maps and navigation information. Picture quality between touch screen stereo units may vary. The Pioneer MVH-300EX, for example, features a 7-inch screen with a 16:9 aspect ratio. The display resolution is 800 x 480, and it features over 1.1 million pixels. These stats combine to give a clear, bright picture. Many cheap Pioneer touch screen stereos have comparable stats, and eBay will usually have this information for each product.

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