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Pirma Soccer Shoes & Cleats

Pirma soccer shoes and cleats come in many different styles for both men and women. Turf, grass, and running all require different designs, features, and abilities. Pirma’s rubber and blended styles are created to suit soccer players on and off the field.

What colors are available for these soccer shoes and cleats?

This line of shoes is made specifically for soccer. Styles are available in a variety of colors, including bright yellow, blue, pink, black, and red. Some designs feature a fade from one color to another. The shoe brand uses different color shades in an attempt to appeal to a wide variety of aesthetic tastes.

What designs are available in this brand of soccer shoes?

These products are designed for a variety of terrains, including firm ground, indoor field, urban, and running. Just a few of the models of shoes and soccer cleats available include the following:

  • The 179 Supreme Mamba features a lace-up design, with synthetic lining and spikes on the bottom of the sole for grip on indoor fields and grass. The majority of the cleat is bright yellow, with a slight fade to orange at the heel. The Prima logo is stitched onto the sides of the cleats.
  • The 309 Apolo is an urban and running sneaker. A slightly high-top design comes up the ankle for added support. Reinforced heel support includes more padding in the sole than in the toe. Loops on both the heel and the tongue are used to make it easy to put them on and take them off.
  • The 180 Supreme Mamba is a rubber cleat, with synthetic lining and a rubber sole. Ideal for indoor turf, the spikes on the bottom of the cleat are not as large as the 179 model. Most of the soccer cleat is light metallic blue that fades into pink at the heel. The entire sole is pink.
What materials are used to manufacture this line of shoes?

Different blends of rubber are utilized with a combination of other materials to create this line of soccer shoes. Hard rubber soles combine with thick spikes to generate traction on any sort of soccer field while more movable materials comprise the uppers for increased mobility. Particular materials depend on the specific design.

What sizes are available for these soccer cleats?

Sizing depends on the particular shoe model although lots of Pirma soccer cleats are available in men’s United States sizes 7 through 12 1/2. Women can convert their shoe size by subtracting two. For instance, a women’s nine would be a men’s seven.

How do you clean soccer cleats?

Shoe care instructions should be followed based on the specific materials included in the design. After playing soccer, shoes should be beaten against each other to knock off excess dirt. A brush, water, and gentle soap can be used to scrub mud and dirt off of the soles and from in between the spikes. Use a damp cloth to wipe down uppers on shoes so that they stay free of stains and dirt.

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