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Finding the Right Headrest Car Video Monitors

Keeping kids entertained on road trips is the bane of every parent's existence, so why not install DVD players along with Power Acoustik headrest car video monitors to keep your little ones engaged while you're on the road to Grandma's? Whether you already have a player or you're just buying these components separately, there are numerous options to select from to meet your needs.

What Are Some Features of Car Monitors?

Just like regular display screens or TV monitors, these vehicle versions have their own set of features that make viewing content in the car convenient, user-friendly, and portable.

  • Using built-in speakers means that you don't have to go searching for plug-in peripherals since the sound comes directly from the monitor.
  • You may not be in the mood to hear yet another episode of Dora the Explorer, so when this is the case, let your child plug in his or her headphones via the monitor's 35mm headphone jack.
  • Models that come with a remote control allow even the person in the back seat to switch content or adjust volume without having to unbuckle their seat belt and get up while you're driving.

How Do You Select the Right Headrest Monitor?

You'll want to make sure that you get the right headrest design for you to ensure that it's not only compatible with your player, but that it works for the type of vehicle you have.

  • Select a screen size, as these models vary from smaller 5.6-inch screens all the way up to larger 7-inch and 9-inch models. You'll want to make sure that the screen you choose fits on your headrest by taking some measurements before purchasing.
  • Choose features like models that have a flip-down option, show movies in widescreen, or come with different skins.
  • Color is also another factor. A headrest monitor comes in neutral shades like ivory, black, and gray, but you may want to choose the shade that complements your car's interior colors.

What Are Some Models to Select From?

After learning about what these types of monitors have to offer, you're ready to pick the right Power Acoustik set for your vehicle.

  • With a 7-inch widescreen design, the PT-700MHR gives you a clear picture and a large display size, so the kids in the very back won't miss the movie. It also comes with a wireless remote.
  • Check out the 9-inch universal headrest design of the H-94, which also has a built-in FM transmitter. It tilts forward and backward and even has an AUX input to let your kids can hook up their gaming consoles to the monitor. You can also swap out the color via three different included skins.
  • The H-78CC monitors offer both a 7-inch screen and different-colored skins for changing their look.

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