Choosing PA Speakers for Rehearsal, Live Sound, and Recording

Choosing a PA system for your rehearsal space, live venue, or recording studio can be a tricky task. For most performers, a ready-to-go system with powered speakers is an ideal choice since it provides everything you need in one package. Use this quick FAQ to help you choose the right setup from the listings on eBay.

Should you choose a model that isn't powered?

Most bands, rehearsal rooms, and even small venues can benefit from a system that does not rely on separate power amplifiers. This is a good choice because systems with included power are much easier to set up. They're also smaller and more portable for bands that are always on the go. eBay offers many packages designed for bands, rehearsal spaces, and small venue rooms. These are ready to use immediately, making connecting your instruments and getting the sound you want fast and simple.

How many inputs do you need?

The number of inputs that you need greatly depends on the type of performance or recording you'll be doing. For live band rehearsals, you'll need at least one input per singer for connecting a microphone. Other items like keyboards and wireless in-ear monitors may require additional audio inputs to meet your audio needs. Whenever possible, aim to have at least a few more inputs than you think you'll need for flexibility down the road.

Do you need microphones?

Not all bands or musicians require microphones, but if you have a singer in your group, or you want to be able to add a singer to your lineup, mics are must-have items. Some packaged deals come with one or multiple mics to give you more control over your sound and stage volume. If you're using existing microphones, make sure your mixer has phantom power accessible on at least a few of the channels your mics require. This is especially important in studio situations where 48-volt phantom connections are often required.

What accessories are included?

Some speaker systems come with peripheral items, so you can get your new speakers up and running right away. However, this depends on the particular deal you're looking at. These common, useful items may be included in packages:

  • Microphone cables
  • Instrument cables
  • Straight or boom-arm mic stands
  • Heavy-duty speaker stands