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Completing Your Swing with Project X Golf Club Shafts

Your every swing attempts to achieve the right balance in weight and feel for optimal results. You can dictate the outcome of your swing with sleek Project X golf club shafts that fit your irons, wedges, putters, and drivers.

How do you choose a golf shaft?

Begin your search on eBay by determining if graphite or steel is suitable for your style. Though both are balanced for feel and power, the graphite compound tends to be light. Steel, as used for modern golf clubs, is also relatively light but with a thick density you will feel in the swing. Other aspects include the level of flex you want, the length fitted for your posture, and the amount of torque you need.

What are the different variations of Project X shafts?

Project X shafts have several variations to consider, and you can start your search here:

  • LZ Driver: The LZ series works with a medium stiffness that allows you to swing with full force but without putting too much bend in the center of the shaft.
  • X HZRDUS: This shaft is suitable for drivers and works to maintain distance with accuracy.
  • 5.5 Flighted: Irons are the set of clubs golfers use the most, and the 5.5 Flighted shaft uses greater flex near the club head for control in getting under the ball.
  • Single Wedge: The exaggerated angle taken by the wedge club-head is accommodated here with the options of soft or stiff flex ratings.
  • Adjustable: Shafts listed under Project X are suitable for all modern club heads. They’re ideal for your daily use or as replacements and repairs. Please see the manufacturer’s site for details.

What are some features to consider?

Some other features to consider when choosing new or used Project X shafts on eBay include:

  • Hybrid: These models give you greater choice over the amount of stiffness you have in conjunction with flexibility. Though one shaft may be intended for a stiff or soft feel, these offer a combination of both.
  • Flex: Flex determines how much the shaft bends as you swing and then impact the ball. The ratings available include X, S, R, A, and L.
  • Taper tips: Working with a tapered tip ensures that the shaft works with the many gulf-heads you own.
  • Graphite: Graphite, as used by completed Project X shafts, is preferred for its weight that can go unnoticed in your hands.

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