Cortinas de baño púrpura

Purple Shower Curtains

A purple bathroom curtain provides you with privacy when you take a shower or a bath. The purple curtain is also designed to stop water from spraying outside of the shower or bath enclosure. Some people may desire to have two purple curtains hung in the bathroom shower, with the inner functioning as a liner and the outer for decor.

What are purple shower curtains made from?
  • Vinyl: Vinyl is a type of plastic that is recognized for its flexibility, light weight, and durability. It can easily accept colors such as purple during the production process. It can be used for liners or bathroom curtains for the shower.
  • Polyvinyl chloride: Chlorine can be added to vinyl to make polyvinyl chloride, which is softer and more flexible. It often has antimicrobial elements added to the polymers that provide the bathroom curtain with resistance to mold and mildew. It also readily accepts purple pigments.
  • Fabric: Many shower curtains are made of fabric. A fabric shower curtain offers opaque properties for enhanced privacy when you shower. Because fabric can become saturated with the shower water, this type of purple bathroom decor is often paired with a plastic or polyvinyl chloride lining shower curtain for enhanced resistance to water. The fabric on a shower curtain may be smooth or ruffled.
What are the design options for purple shower curtains?
  • Floral and nature: A floral shower curtain with purple flowers can make a good match for a bathroom. Other purple floral curtains might include additional natural elements, such as purple butterflies or purple leaf designs.
  • Abstract: Purple bath decor could also include shower curtains with an abstract design. Designs such as faces with purple features are available. You could also consider abstract purple designs such as floral embroidery, paisley, unicorns, mandalas, or purple brush strokes for your bathroom decor.
  • Geometric: Geometric purple bath decor such as shower curtains with dots, stripes, diamonds, squares, or concentric circles is available. Some purple shower curtains are fully printed with designs, while others use purple as the shower curtain's base color and incorporate smaller shapes.
How do you use a purple shower curtain and liner?

At the top of a bathroom shower curtain, there are grommets that are designed to go on a hook. The shower curtain hooks slide down a bathroom shower curtain rod and hang above the shower. To put your curtain onto the shower curtain rod, you will need to open each hook, slide the grommet onto the hook, and put the hook onto the rod. Do this for each hole in the shower curtain. If you are lining your purple shower curtain, put the lining and main shower curtain onto the hooks simultaneously. Once the shower curtain is on the bathroom rod, attach the rod to the walls with the suction cups. Before showering, pull the shower curtain closed and secure it to the bathtub with the magnetic discs.