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Treat Yourself to Luxury Bath Towels by Ralph Lauren

Ralph Lauren bath towels are made from 100 percent cotton ensuring optimum softness. You can snuggle up to a soft hand towel or enjoy other matching towels and washcloths with the same velvety finishes. Purchase various pieces from the extensive line of home accessories in separates or sets in a luxurious design to suit kids, teens, and adults.

What Pieces Are Included in Bath Towel Sets?

  • Washcloths: They feature the brand logo on one corner, and the distinctive finish optimizes softness, absorbency, and durability.
  • Hand Towels: Made from quick-drying cotton, they are machine washable. These everyday luxury items are ultra-soft and have a refined modern touch.
  • Bath Towels: Whether you choose white or colored bath towels, they feature a sateen weave and dobby hems. The brand designed the luxury bath towel so that it produces a minimal amount of lint in the washing machine.
  • Body Sheets: Wrap up in a soft body sheet, such as the Wescott towel made from soft cotton terrycloth. Also available is the Pierce, which is made from high-quality "air-rich" cotton. "Wear" them while you dry your hair or shave to stay warm and passively dry off.

What Other Bath Items Are Available?

In addition to bath towels and washcloths, you can find fun beach towels, such as the Hampton or Caribbean design. These cozy additions to your other Ralph Lauren bath accessories feature embroidery accents on one end. The beach towel may include images of a polo match, a beach, or a vineyard. Likewise, a Beachcomber towel has the signature Big Pony logo with a cable-knit design on one side and terrycloth on the other. In addition to luxurious bath towels, the company also makes bathrobes. A shawl collar fits loosely around the neck, and you can machine wash the robe along with your bath towels. With two patch pockets on the front, you can tuck away your smartphone or a favorite novel to read.

What Are Some Notable Patterns?

If you enjoy traveling, consider a towel featuring an anchor and travel-related words printed prominently on the front. The inspiration for the design came from travel posters and luxury steamships. Moreover, you can find towels with navy, white, and yellow stripes as well as embroidered or monogrammed options. Finally, a wide array of solid colored towels and floral designs that include the iconic emblem provide understated comfort.

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