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Ryobi Power Tools

Ryobi Power Tools

Ryobi One Plus is a line of battery-powered products available for use with the 18V battery. The Ryobi line features more than 100 products, such as drills and drivers, for your repair needs, and the same battery can be used to operate all of them. For convenience, if you need to charge the lithium battery while on the road, you can plug a portable charger into an available port and charge while driving.

What types of power tools are available from Ryobi?

Whether youre needing cordless power drivers or drills for your home workshop or your commercial business, theres a variety of options available. These Ryobi tools can perform a variety of applications such as yard work, garage repairs, electrical repairs, and plumbing. The impact wrenches, drills, and accessories allow you to complete your work without having to fill a machine with gas or handle extension cords.

  • Yard work - Available cordless power tools for the yard include weed-eaters, leaf blowers, and fans.
  • Garage repair - From replacing a faulty garage door opener to keeping cordless drills organized, you can keep your garage functional and clean using the Ryobi One system.
  • Electrical repair - If your electricity goes out, the battery-powered Ryobi One lights and tools can provide necessary lighting while you fix the issue.
How long will an 18V battery run the Ryobi tool?

If youre using the cordless power tool without stopping, your average run time will be shorter than if you use the tool intermittently. After removal from the charger, you may get anywhere from 20 straight minutes of use on a weed eater to more than 90 minutes of intermittent use with a drill. Regardless of usage, the Ryobi One battery charges rapidly. Using the Ryobi One Plus charger, your 18V battery will be ready to go in approximately 30 minutes.

What are advantages of the lithium-ion battery from Ryobi?

The cordless Ryobi One tools are made possible by the lithium-ion battery. The lithium 18V batteries are smaller and easier to handle than traditional batteries, making them more versatile and simple to replace. After removal from the charger, you can store them for months as they do not discharge when not in use.

Are there hybrid Ryobi tools?

When using the Ryobi One power tool, you can switch to electric power if you need to continue usage while the 18V battery is on the charger. This allows for extended use while performing tasks such as leaf blowing, cooling, cutting, and drilling. When the job is complete, you simply unplug the extension cord, giving you cordless Ryobi tools once again.