SD Camera Memory Card Readers & Adapters for Canon

What Kind of Memory Card Readers and Adapters Can I Get for My Camera? 

You have a new DSLR camera, a nice lens, and an empty SD card that can store all of your photos. Thats all well and good, but how are you going to transfer those images from the SD card to your computer? You could get a cord that is a converter for your camera to a computer, or you can get a Reader for your SD card. 

What is the Use of Memory Card Adapter?

The way an adapter works is pretty simple.

  • An SD card, a MicroSD card, and a Memory Card all perform the same function when it comes to storing media on the card. It can store many photos on the card, depending on how much GB the memory card has. 
  • Using different lenses, you can take a range of different quality photos with your Canon DSLR. These photos will then take up space on your SD card, which will take up GB on your digital cards. 
  • MicroSD is a little smaller than an SD slot card and sometimes works as a backup for your normal memory card. 
  • When you take a photo on a DSLR camera, it stores on the SD or the MicroSD memory card. You can then eject the card from the spot in the side of the camera, and insert it into the SD reader on your computer or laptop. 
  • However, not all laptops have SD readers, which is why buying a separate Reader or SD adaptor is important for getting photos from your camera to your computer.  

How to Use MicroSD Adapter on Laptop?

Using a MicroSD adaptor on a laptop is the same process as using an SD adapter. You just have to make sure that your reader is equipped with both kinds of digital cards. 

  • To use a MicroSD adapter, check to see what kind of adapter it is. Will you use it with a USB port, or a Thunder port like on an Apple computer? 
  • Most adapters use USB cables to connect the SD card from your Canon to the computer. 
  • There are many different adapters for digital storage cards, but most MicroSD adapters will have a USB cable on one end, and a slot for your memory card on the other end. 
  • Some SD adapters have slots for both SD and MicroSD cards. Either one will work with your Canon memory card. 
  • Once you have taken the photos you want with your Canon, using different lenses and techniques, you can remove your memory card from its slot in the side of the camera by pushing lightly on it. 
  • Take the memory card and insert it into your USB ready SD card reader, in the correct slot.
  • Then insert the USB end into the USB port on your laptop or computer. 
  • You should be able to see your photos on the laptop now. How many photos you have will depend on what lenses you used, how big the photos are, how many you took, and how many GB your SD card has. 

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