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Samsung Wristwatch Bands

This smartwatch collection provides you with the ability to stay connected when on the move. With the many different types of bracelets and straps available, you can accommodate your sense of style. From black to colorful options, your options of Samsung wristwatch bands are abundant.

What is a watch band?

A watch band is also referred to as a watch bracelet or strap. A watch strap secures a wristwatch to the wrist. Categorized as a fashion accessory, a strap has a useful purpose while serving as a decorative piece for your jewelry collection.

What is the standard length of a men's watch band?

Manufacturers create straps according to the most common sizes of a man's or woman's wrist circumference. This is considered the standard length. For men's wristwatch strapping, the standard length of measurement is 7 3/4-inches to 9 1/2-inches. This standard measurement of length varies between styles and manufacturers.

How do you change a watch band?

How you change a watch bracelet depends on the type of bracelet that you are working with. The two most common types of watch straps are the Samsung Gear S Rubber and Samsung Gear S Classic, made from materials such as leather or nylon.

For the Gear S Rubber Band:

  • Locate the small clip portion on the backside of the watch where the bracelet and body of the timepiece meet.
  • Using your fingernail, pull the clip downward, away from the dial body.
  • Pull the watch strap piece toward you to move it out of place. It is important to note that if you try to pull the strap downward away from the body, it will not move.
  • Slide the replacement piece into the thin horizontal slot coupled with two pins locking the wristband into place.
  • When you hear a clicking sound and see the clip in place, tug lightly on the band to ensure it stays securely in position.

For the Gear S Classic Band:

  • Locate the two silver tabs located on each side of the backside of the watch.
  • Using a thumbnail, slide the mechanisms to remove the original strap.
  • Slide the side of the replacement strapping that does not have silver tabs into the watch housing.
  • Move the silver metal tab back into the strapping to lock it into place.
  • Press the watch band back into its original position, and release pressure on the silver metal tabs to ensure proper positioning.
How do you measure a watch band?

While these smartwatches do come in a variety of sizes, most wristbands that you can select for their stylish appeal come in standard sizes to fit comfortably on your wrist. Here is how you measure to find the appropriate watch band size.

  • Locate the watch lugs: The watch lugs are the horn-like parts that are located on either side of the watch dial that hold the strap into place.
  • Measuring the width of the lugs: Using a standard ruler, measure the space between the lugs.
  • Converting the measurement: If using the standard centimeter portion of the ruler, move your decimal one point to the right to find the measurement in millimeters. This is the measurement that is used by the manufacturer when creating a strap.