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What to Know About Vintage Sound Amplifiers by Sansui

Whether youEUR(TM)re trying to fill up a large venue with sound, or simply want access to vintage sound amplification, Sansui vintage amplifiers turn the sound up a notch or more when you need others to hear.

What is an integrated amplifier?

An amp is a device that receives stereo input from CD, DVD players, computers, and other sources of audio. This frequency is then magnified to the desired volume. An integrated amplifier has both an audio preamplifier and power amplifier device in itself. The power amplifier provides the wattage for the speakers, and the preamplifier accepts the music inputs from other sources.

What are the different inputs and outputs on the amp?

The different inputs on the integrated amplifier should match the ones you have on your devices. The analog audio inputs are:

  • RCA inputs: commonly found on all such devices
  • RCA phono: for a connection to a turntable
  • Balanced XLR: three-pin connectors for high-end components

Outputs for Sansui amps include:

  • Headphone jack: output for handphones
  • Subwoofer output: connects with sub for additional bass output
  • Preamp out/Main in connections: let you physically disconnect the power amplifier and preamplifier so you can use them separately
  • Speaker outputs: connects the amp to speakers
How much power does a vintage amplifier require?

Different power outputs are available on amps. The speakers that you are using, the amount of space you want to fill with sound, and the volume that you want to achieve will all affect the amount of power youEUR(TM)ll need to keep your amplifiers running. The interior of the room also matters. Furniture, padded surfaces, rugs, and curtains all lower the volume levels. Having this kind of interior in the playing room may require a higher power output. Be sure to consult your amplifierEUR(TM)s specifications to ensure that it will meet your needs.

What kind of maintenance is required for a vintage amp?

To clean your amplifiers, use the following steps:

  • Remove the cover of the amp. Unplug the device from the power source beforehand.
  • Use a soft brush or a vacuum cleaner tube to remove dust.
  • Clean switches and crackles with a contact cleaner that is appropriate for the device.
  • RCA connectors should be cleaned with a small amount of contact cleaner and wiped with a loose plug inside by turning it in a few times.

Make sure that your amplifier is stored is a dry location, free of moisture and possible threats such as pets or children. Proper storage and maintenance will help ensure that your vintage amplifier works for an extended period of time.

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