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Show off your Style on the Green With These Scotty Cameron Golf Club Putter Head Covers

Golf in style when you have a Scotty Cameron putter cover. These vibrant, colorful, and fun designs can only enhance an already good round of golf. Find these unique putter covers at affordable prices when you shop on eBay.

Are these Scotty Cameron putter covers one-size-fits-all?

Though you can use nearly any cover that will fit onto your club, they are made for specific clubs or putters. For the best protection, it is smart to purchase a cover that is made specifically for your putter. Luckily, you can find these made for both blade and mallet heads. You can also find these Scotty Cameron covers for your drivers and irons.

What are some features of these putter covers?

The Scotty Cameron putter covers offer three layers of protection. They are made of imitation leather and keep your putter safe from hitting your other clubs. Velcro closures ensure a snug fit so your cover will not fall off. They are available in different shapes and sizes for blade and mallet shaped putter heads. A few other common features include:

  • Various colors and designs
  • Velvet lining
  • Velcro closures
  • Sponge sheet lining
Why is it important to use putter covers?

Previously, when all clubs were made of wood, covers were necessary to protect them during transporting or rounds of golf. They are still essential for graphite shafts. Covers protect the golf heads from jostling together and scratching or nicking each other while in your golf bag.

Are these putter covers new or used?

You can find both new and used putter covers for sale on eBay. All of them are in excellent condition and can provide exceptional protection for your clubs. Since the Scotty Cameron putter cover is released for a limited time only, you can find editions that might not be available for sale any longer. You can also find brand-new putter covers that might not be available to the public yet. Either way, you can find a fun and functional accessory to add to your golf bag when you shop for these putter covers on eBay.