Sears Hair Dryers

Sears Hair Dryers

If you have been to the Sears hair salon before and used the dryer, you might want to get one just like it for your home. Many styles of hair dryers are available from Sears, so its important to know your options.

What are the different styles of hair dryers?

Many of the types of hair dryers available at Sears come complete with various accessories, which can help make it easier for you to chose the type of dryer and accessories that work best for your needs.

  • Handheld: A handheld version can be moved around to dry your hair in sections.
  • Bonnet hood: A bonnet hood is for sitting under the dryer for a set amount of time. These types of dryers have temperature and speed functions.
  • Brush-style: A brush-style system dries and, with a comb attachment, styles your hair at the same time.
  • Travel-size: If you travel a lot, the smaller travel size can be packed into your luggage.
Is a vintage model dryer from Sears available?

The bonnet hood design has been around for many years. It continues to be used by men and women alike. There are a few ways to find what you may consider a vintage model:

  • Older versions: You can find a unit that may have been sold from Sears many years ago.
  • Refurbished: Various refurbished units might be available.
  • Vintage design: You can find a bonnet hood unit that has a vintage design, similar to whats used at a Sears Hair Salon.
Can a Sears dryer be used commercially?

If you have your own salon, you might want to get a dryer from Sears that can be used commercially. This will allow you to use it more frequently without burning it out. Various options are capable of commercial use. Many that are identified as being professional-grade may be used at home or in your salon.

How do you shop for a Sears dryer?

If you are interested in a Sears dryer, you have to look at the various models. You might prefer a bonnet hood over a handheld one. Whatever type you want, there are a few aspects to review before making a purchase:

  • Model: Determine whether you want a bonnet hood dryer, a handheld, a travel-size, or some other version.
  • Features: Attachments, adjustable heat settings, and more might be included with your dryer.
  • Color: Sears dryers are available in many different colors.
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